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the best anime series according to IMDb ratings 2022

Everyone has a different opinion on what constitutes “good” anime, but thanks to websites like IMDb, fans have been able to come to a consensus.

Anime attracts more and more new fans every day. Watching anime was once a typical pastime that was rather unusual, but now, it’s nearly impossible to find someone who hasn’t at least watched a title through the medium.

IMDb is a popular and trusted source of information about movies, anime and TV shows. The website displays how fans and critics rated the above film or series. Due to the availability of anime on popular websites such as Netflix, the popularity of anime has skyrocketed in recent years.

The anime on this list has received over 100k reviews from fans and critics, making the ratings more credible. On that note, here are the top 5 anime based on IMDb ratings, the best anime according to IMDb ratings.

#1. Death Note

IMDb rating: 9 stars

Death Note is a masterpiece and one of the most popular anime. Arguably the best in anime is the pairing of antagonists and protagonists, who compete equally in their abilities. The plot is unique in that a teenager receives a Death Note, which has the ability to kill people simply by writing their names.

Kira is born when a teenager decides to kill all the criminals to make the world a better place. L is a brilliant detective who sets out on a mission to discover Kira’s true identity. The fight between Big Brain, Light and L is the high point of the series.

#2. One-Punch Man

What happens when a hero becomes so powerful that fighting the space gods is no less exciting than getting a good sale on groceries? This is the premise on which One Punch Man is set. What happens next is not only the story of an incomparably strong man fighting the bad guys, but the soul-searching story of a man who must succumb to indescribable boredom and rediscover the joy in life.

A direct spin on the western superhero genre, OPM is packed with interesting heroes and villains. However, where a show like My Hero Academia puts an overall positive, feel-good spin on genre tropes, OPM is a cynical, though surprisingly humorous, take on a superhero society. OPM knocks (or punches) it out of the park and is 8.7 on IMDb.

#3. Cowboy Bebop

IMDb Rating: 8.9/10

One of the best anime series with significant success in Japan and international market. Cowboy Bebop has a beautiful and unique style, characters and soundtrack. This anime is developed by Sunrise Animation Studios and created by Hajime Yatate. Set in a dystopian world, a hyperspace gateway makes Earth uninhabitable.

Humankind colonizes other planets and moons in space. With a wider area to cover, the Inner Solar System polices legalize bounty hunting while crime rates are rising rapidly. Cowboys are a group of bounty hunters who are paid to chase criminals. Over 26 episodes, the cowboys on the spaceship Bebop become involved in a series of disasters that force them to confront their past.

#4. Hunter x Hunter

IMDb Rating: 8.9/10

Voted as one of the best anime of all time, Hunter x Hunter follows the story of a young boy’s dreams of becoming a hunter. Gon Freaks learns well into his life that his father, Ging, whom he thought was dead, was actually a famous hunter who became an elite member of humanity. Despite Ging leaving his family behind to become a hunter, Gon wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a great hunter.

In order to achieve his dreams, he must first pass the harsh and brutal Hunter exam. Hunter exam tests every aspect necessary for a person to become a good hunter. Gon makes powerful companions Killua and Kurapika and a smart and loyal boy named Leorio, the three lean on each other and pass the test.

#5. Jujitsu kaisen

After saving his friends from a curse, high school student Yuji Itadori inadvertently becomes the host. He is a member of a secret organization called Ryomen Tsukuna, from where he decided to find out all the curses and kill the curse inside him.

After the film premiered on the screen, fans were highly skeptical whether this anime series would get back on the ground and work on another season, t6he global pandemic saw the popularity of jujutsu kaisen soar, and after the film aired, people from anime Get to know the world of the series, it is one of those shows that gained popularity and even worth watching.

The amazing ratings of the series is the reason why the show has such a huge fanbase, all of the viewers have appreciated them for watching the anime series and thus the show has grown.

#6. Mushoku Tensei

score of 8.3.

We are not aware of many notable works of harem species, mainly because they were created with the sole intention of providing fan service to the audience rather than a coherent story. In this sense, Mushoku Tensei: Unemployed Reborn he came to break that rule, and in what way! This flamboyant shonen has delighted fans of medieval tales at the same time that it has captivated fans who just want to see gorgeous waifus on screen.

#7. To Your Eternity

8.7 rating on IMDb.

The manga that inspired this adaptation has been one of the best-sellers since 2016, so, when it was announced that the work would begin airing in late 2020, fans were nothing but mad. did. The anime was delayed to see the light until April 2021, but the wait was well worth it.

East Shonen Supernatural has been one of the best animations produced in recent years, and sections like music or original dubbing have not been neglected either.

#8. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is a well-known anime, and it is arguably the most important and important anime of all time. So, it’s great to see that so many people still value the show years after its premiere in 1989. While I doubt Dragon Ball Z will climb the ranks, given how old it is, I expect it to keep its score, which is already impressive.

What do the numbers tell us? This is a really “honestly” rated show, the scores are pretty level across the board, giving the feeling that people have given fair ratings. While this may seem like an odd thing to mention, it’s important to note that many fans nowadays just review-bomb TV shows, simply because their favorite anime gets a higher score. It’s funny, I totally agree. But things are like that, so I wanted to be transparent and mention it.

#9. One Piece

What can I say about One Piece? It is not only popular in the West, but it is famous all over the world, and that is saying something. Whether it’s manga or anime, One Piece is just one of many great franchises that everyone should show at least some interest in.

While it’s a long task to watch over 890 episodes, it’s definitely worth watching a few seasons to see if you’re interested. But for each of them, I guess? Still, it’s undoubtedly one of the best anime of all time, and we don’t need IMDB to tell you that!

One Piece has 57.8% 10 pointers, second only to Attack on Titan (59.3%). It just means that people really love One Piece, and it’s a crazy loyal fandom! But it also means that One Piece won’t go below If anything, it may actually climb to 8.9, as this is an ongoing anime.

However, he has 8.4% of the vote with 4 or less, which could mean that people like it and some hate it. But to be honest, it shouldn’t make much difference. One Piece has a legitimate place on this list, and that won’t change.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a fascinating anime series about two brothers who go on a mission to revive their mother. The series takes you on a great journey when two brothers who are alchemists find their way to the Philosopher’s Stone.

Like other manga-based anime series, it also creates its own universe, interesting characters and mysterious villains.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is considered one of the best anime series of all time and you should not miss it for the good story.

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