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popular anime characters female pink hair

You rarely find pink hair on regular live-action television or in the movies. No, that’s an anime point. Whether the artists design these personalities to be extra special, even more so than the truth, or just because it’s so cute, is up for debate.

But something is certain: there are a lot of pink-haired women in anime! Also due to the fact that there are so many cute/psychological/amazing pink haired personalities in anime, we want to discover as many as possible. Yet allow here to be heroic: women first! Here we will show our top 10+ anime girl with pink hair.

attractive pink haired anime characters

Speaking of anime, every character has some unique feature that sets them apart. It could be their outfit, their personality or their hair color. In this article, we are looking at the best pink haired anime characters.

#1. Inori Yuzuriha

Kudere’s success stories are just for fun, right? In the beginning we see Inori as a robot as well as a cold person who cares little for the sensibilities of others, as well as murders a lot of people. Yet after some wrongdoing in the house with “Inori: Being Human” Shue, we (myself included) get a better glimpse into his feelings. His attitude gets a bit high at the end, if you catch my drift. But he is a showbiz baby.

#2. Moka Akashiya

I’m really seeing a pattern for girls with pink hair and with split personalities. Though more on that later. The pink-haired Moka is actually kind and sensitive, while the Inner and Native Moka has white hair. It’s usually the pink-haired ones you know.

Straight away, it emits a strong Tsubasa Hanekawa vibe, which is more of a constant. Additionally can I discuss that Moka is a vampire? Maybe he would have led with said.

#3. Lucy (Elfen Lied)

Lucy, aka Kade, is a Diclonius female – a mutated species. Hence, it has horns with an invisible arm-like extension called ‘vector’ protruding from its back.

Many children used to bully her in childhood because of her peculiar appearance. Unfortunately, this prompts Lucy to retaliate and reach the edge of madness. And so, he ended up hurting others, eventually developing a dual personality – Nyu.

Despite her harsh experiences, Lucy yearns to better herself for her childhood love – Kouta.

She also chops off her beautiful veil of cherry blossom hair to look like Kauta’s sister Kana – the girl Lucy murdered in one of her rage.

#4. Momo Belia Deviluke (To LOVE-Ru)

Momo Bellia DeLuke is the maternal twin and Lala Satalin DeLuke’s younger sister. She is the third as well as the youngest Princess Planete Deluce.

Momo has purple eyes against a faded-pink curly bob, giving her innocent charm.

Ironically, despite his looks, Momo has a twisted and distorted personality. For example, he straightened his hair only to look mature and appealed to seduce his sister’s fiancé – Rito.

Momo himself claims that he has a “bad side”. In his evil mode, Momo gains superhuman strength and tremendous bloodshed, making him extremely dangerous to handle.

Interestingly, Momo can also communicate and summon exotic plants.

#5. Mamika Kirameki (Re:Creators)

Mamika Kirameki, aka Magical Slayer Mamika, is the heroine of Re: Creators. She fights almost constantly to protect the power of the smile that falls into Akumarin’s hands.

She can fly and cast many magical ribbon spells, including magical explosions and bars.

Her reddish pink hair is cut into layers with choppy bangs covering her forehead. She often ties these into two ponytails using strings of pearls. This, along with her purple deep-set eyes, matches well with her charismatic and cheerful personality.

She is also extremely gentle and caring. In fact, she often stops him a.

#6. Yui, Angel Beats!

ui supernatural, action-comedy anime series ‘Angel Beats!’ One of the characters of. The anime focuses on Otonashi who after waking up from death remembers nothing about himself other than his name.

He learns that he is experiencing the afterlife and meets a girl named Yuri who claims to be the leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen who wage a war against the Tenshi whom she claims to be evil.

Yui is a musician and a member of a band, the other members being Iwasawa and Hisako. She is a guitarist and requests Yuri to make him the leader of the band after Iwasawa’s disappearance. His dream is to become a professional musician.

#7. Moka Akashiya, Rosario to Vampire

Moka Akashia is one of the main characters in ‘Rosario to Vampire’. She is very beautiful in appearance and has long pink hair. He has liked Tsukune or rather his blood.

Yes, he is a vampire and I feel guilty for including him in this list only because there is another personality hidden within him, the one with white hair. He is very smart and ranks 13th in his overall school examination. Moka is quite popular in his academy, which gets him a lot of attention.

#8. Zero Two

Although he is more recent than many of the other characters on the list, Zero Two quickly captured the hearts of fans with his lovable personality and charming attitude. She may look like a regular girl, but she’s actually a Klexo sapien/human hybrid, a long extinct race that used to rule Earth.

She is usually a very relaxed person who is not afraid to joke with her friends. Despite her attitude outside of combat, when necessary, she could become one of the most serious and fiercest fighters among FRANXX pilots.

#9. Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume is known for her eccentric personality. She loves inventing things and new gadgets. His curiosity often leads him to invent weapons of mass destruction. But that doesn’t mean he’s the wrong person.

She is extremely passionate about whatever she does. Of all the popular anime characters, Mei comes out on top.

Mei Hatsume works very hard to make all her dreams come true. He is not only highly talented, but he also has a unique imagination.

#10. Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)

Most anime shows are made famous by their main characters. But Hunter x Hunter is different. This anime show is famous for its villains. And no other villain was as impressive as Hisoka.

Hisoka is pure evil. He does evil, and he thinks evil. Despite his sinful nature, it is hard not to praise him. However, his self-esteem is low. Nonetheless, she is a popular pink-haired anime character.

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