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best minecraft servers for survival

What has made Minecraft so popular is its simple and replayable nature, of which Minecraft servers naturally play a big part.

Although there are dozens of different types of Minecraft servers, Minecraft Survival Servers will always be among the most popular thanks to their simple and straightforward gameplay.

Listed below are the 10 best survival servers to play with, determined by a wide range of important criteria. All the servers mentioned support the latest version of Java (PC) Minecraft and are always online to join.

1. Orchidia SMP

IP Address:

Orchidia is a new semi-vanilla Minecraft Survival SMP server. Although installed in late 2020, the server still sees an impressive 150 players at peak times of the day.

Gameplay-wise, Orchadia offers unique survival-enhancing features, such as in-game currency, player markets, and a land-claim system to prevent misery.

2. SurviveWithUs

IP Address:

Founded in 2018 and still receiving weekly updates in 2021, SurviveWithUs has proven itself to be one of the best places for quality Minecraft multiplayer survival.

With each plugin custom built by the development team, SurviveWithUs is designed to reward players who demonstrate skill in Minecraft Survival related activities. For example, players receive in-game money each time they kill a hostile mob, and are awarded “land-claimed” points for surviving a certain amount of time without dying.

3. Creation Nation

Java IP:

There’s a lot going for Creation Nation, but it doesn’t get the attention it deserves because of its high prices. Jobs and skills are unique to servers, but a paid subscription is required to access a lot of the services. There are four custom-made markets, coal, gold, diamond and emerald. These markets are specific server markets with specific subscription requirements.

There are six special tier server shops and over 25 unique features, many of which require donations to other servers. The server is good if you have the extra money, but it is no better than any of the other servers on this list.

4. TheArchon

Java IP:

TheArchon is one of the most famous Minecraft servers for great reason. TheArchon offers a wide variety of features, including Skyblock Server, Faction, Outland, Prison Server, and Robbery game modes. One of TheArchon’s most famous mods is Prison Mode, where players must mine to escape a massive prison.

Other game modes, such as Robbery and Outlands, involve roleplaying, while Skyblock and Survival are the main servers. It’s also possible to form factions on servers and work together to make your faction the most effective, but there are restrictions to keep people from going overboard. There’s a lot to explore and learn at TheArchon, so you’ll need to spend some time there before you get used to everything it has to offer.

5. WilderCraft

IP Address:

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about PvP “meta-games” in Minecraft in general and how it affects different servers.

I personally haven’t been following the discussion closely, but I do know one thing: Minewind has always practiced a different style of PvP in minecraft than some of the other big players these days, where at least my for (the person tasked with running this server) was never very interesting as a topic to talk about, but something just happened and no one ever really saw it as very important – or At least I think so.

6. Datblock

IP Address:

Datablock Survival’s vibrant servers are known for their dedicated development team and premium quality experience they provide to their community. The server has a keen understanding of the fact that the player needs entertainment at all times.

This has led us to a variety of custom plugin concepts that have never been introduced before – such as the POW-based economy, where players have to trade their collected gold bars for money or buy an island and build it. It is allowed to claim as your own, with a leveling system based on another well-known plugin in full existence – the Skyblock plugin!

7. Mineplex

IP Address :

Let’s start with one of the most popular and well known survival servers. Mineplex is undoubtedly a survival server.

This server includes a large number of games for players to explore. Players can compete against other players or play Minecraft, Mineplex’s replica of the original Mario Kart gameplay.

Mineplex is home to thousands of players at any given time, with multiple arenas and zones that cater to a wide range of game types.

There are four types of minigames available, Classic, Arcade, Survival and Champions, and it’s easy to know which one to play next. You will definitely enjoy this server.

8. Roleplay-Hub


Next on the list is Roleplay-Hub Server, which is known for its popular social roleplay. It has 200+ average players and welcomes veterans and newcomers. Roleplay-Hub Server is popular for its Japanese high school roleplay, where players can choose to role play as a student or a teacher.

Players are free to create their own story by interacting with hundreds of other players who are also role playing inside the school. Join the server with the above IP address. The game modes are Roleplay, RPG and Social.

9. MineClub


MineClub is a server that comes with a fun gaming experience. It is a social Minecraft server and offers mini-games for players to have some fun on the server. Plus, players can earn coins to unlock rewards like custom cosmetics, wacky rear hats, and more.

That said, if you’re looking for high-intensity gameplay then this probably isn’t for you. The server has game modes such as minigames, roleplay and social. The average player count of servers is over 600.

10. CamperCraft Survival SMP


Camper Craft Survival SMP is a small server that provides you a friendly tight night SMP (Survival Multiplayer). The server receives frequent updates that allow players to enjoy new Minecraft features. It has game modes like Survival and SMP, the server has an average player count of 50+ players.

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