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The 5 Most Muscular Women In Anime, Ranked

The 5 Best Muscular Anime Girls are compiled from a bunch of characters you can probably think of right off the bat (Mikasa, anyone?), but there are also a few characters that might have slipped your mind. These muscular anime girls come from all different anime in all different styles and range from jacked to shredded and ripped.

Some of our muscular anime girls are the most powerful characters in their entire series, and others just have a muscular physique – but either way we’re going through them all and sharing some bonuses for each!

1. MUSCULAR : Fire Force

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character body details answer
Birth Date : September 16th (Virgo)
Height : 167 cm
Blood Type : O
Age : 19

Next up is a character you guys had to know, was going to make the list, number nine among our muscular anime girls is Maki Oz from Fire Force. Maki Oz has large muscles,

although in some scenes he is depicted as being slightly more muscular (larger) than others – somehow he is shown jacked up. We’re used to jacking up characters in Fire Force (like Captain Opie), but Maki Oz was one of the most requested characters to hit the site among our Fire Force squad.

2. Sakura Oogami : Danganronpa

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character body details answer
Birth Date : September 13
Height : 192 cm
Blood Type : A
Age : 26

Sakura is the scariest person you’ll ever meet, and she’s not one to be overlooked when it comes to school. Sakura has a terrifying voice and an intimidating look in her eyes.

She aspires to be the strongest person on the planet and is working hard towards that goal. Sakura’s intimidating stature is frightening, but her calm demeanor and levelheaded nature make her even more terrifying – as long as you don’t harm her or her friends.

3. Daidouji : Tomoyo Daidouji

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character body details answer
Birth Date : November 11
Height : 170 cm
Blood Type : B
Age : 25

If you find Jotaro Kujo cooler than Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, you’ll love Senran Kagura’s Daidouji. Everyone in Senran Kagura is built like a brick house. But only Daidoji is packing so much heat in his abdominal area.

He also has the power to support his menacing presence, which has made him a great senior at Hanzo Academy. With his earth-shattering prowess, he doesn’t really need to bother with the stealth expected from a ninja. The criminal leader girl type is among the best fanatics in anime, and Daidouji is a prime example.

4. Miss Monday

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character body details answer
Birth Date : January 24th
Height : 190cm
Blood Type : AB
Age : 45

Brokers from the Baroque Works plotted the straw hats in One Piece’s Whiskey Peak Arch. Some Roronoa are in a position to pose a problem for Zorro, despite correctly luring them into a false sense of security. Despite receiving no armament huskies.

Devil Fruit, and even formal weapons training, Miss Monday threatens Zorro with only raw meat and stature. However, even at that time, Zorro’s sword fighting skills have been very important to him. Monday’s performance may have been better than her subordinates, though she continued to fall.

5. Matrona : Seven Deadly Sins

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character body details answer
Birth Date : December 21
Height : 955 cm
Blood Type : A
Age : 33

Matron’s ripped figure has the ability to put any boy to shame. She’s just what guys want to be when they put reps into their workouts. Matrona comes from the Vishal clan where she held a very important position. Diane and Dolores train under her mentorship.

the results of which we’ve seen well through the course of the story. She is a master of the creative potential and was known for her skillful use in her clan. Matrona definitely makes her mark as one of the popular ripped anime girls, who stuns the others with her massive and muscular looks.

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