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10 major differences between PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile 2022

While PUBG Mobile is indeed better than most of the shooter games on mobile, PUBG PC is, however, better than PUBG Mobile.

The main reason is that PUBG Mobile was downgraded and then the mechanics of PUBG were used to make it easier to play the mobile and it had many helpers like sound indicators etc. PUBG PC has these mechanics in a much better way as well as there are no aids that makes PUBG PC harder but more realistic too.

PUBG Mobile, despite being intense for mobile players, is only for casual play. PUBG PC gives the real taste of existence to the players. You hear a sound, use your ears to find the direction of the source, someone is shooting at you, there are no damage indicators, again use your ears with your eyes to find your attacker.

You can accidentally (or intentionally) kill your teammates the same way you can kill your enemies because it has friendly fire. Anything new is added, PUBG PC will always be the first.

The graphics and animations on PUBG PC are also smoother and better, while PUBG Mobile is still using the clunky graphics and animations that PUBG PC had in alpha (ie when it was still not perfect).

There are many other reasons why PUBG PC is better than PUGB Mobile. Only downside. PUBG PC is a paid game and requires a beast gaming PC to play, especially if you want to play at a higher resolution with that sweet 60FPS, whereas PUBG Mobile is free and with at least 2GB of RAM. A phone (which almost everyone has nowadays) is required.

What version do you choose, PUBG Mobile or PUBG on PC?

PUBG PC is simply more fast paced, realistic, dynamic and immersive.

The graphics are totally on point and make you feel the realism of the game in every detail. Even the map layouts are quite different. There are a lot of elements that have been removed from the maps in the mobile version. And some of those are actually strategic elements of the map including towers and things of that nature.

Not to mention, the PC has tons of details like shadows, lighting, textures, foliage and countless other things.

You don’t need to know where the steps or shots are coming from on PC because you can hear every single thing clearly and find out not only the direction but also the distance on a three dimensional scale . It’s just that immersive. There is no problem in rendering even distant things.

The PC version is also quite fast due to the ease of controls. It’s just one of the things a PC is good at.

There are a lot of features on PC which are not available on mobile which makes the game more dynamic. This includes chopping your parachute, enhanced bullet drop, lingering abilities during ADS, improved target maneuverability, more realistic physics, and more.

One thing where mobile is better is that it’s relatively more difficult to hack a game unless you’re using an emulator.

That, and the fact that you can’t take your PC with you to game at all wherever you want with the same amount of freedom.

5 major differences between PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC

The famous battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is known to be available on both PC and mobile platforms. Although they are both pubg, there are so many differences in this game on pc platform and on mobile platform thus raising a lot of questions from game newbies: what are the differences between pubg mobile vs Pubg pc.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the obvious differences (besides the fact that PUBG Mobile is free, while PUBG PC will cost you $30 dollars on Steam). Hopefully, this article can help you decide which version of PUBG suits you the most.

Number one: graphics

The number one difference between PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC is obviously the graphics. Of course, everyone can see it. PUBG on mobile is the low-end graphics version of the game as it has been designed for the standard specs of smartphones from all over the world, which is quite low. This version of PUBG can hardly achieve more than 480p resolution.

Range indicator at minimum

One of the first things PC PUBG veterans notice as they parachute across the battlefield for the thousandth time, is that this version has range indicators for both squad members and markers. There is also a dotted line showing the exact path the plane will follow, making it even easier to make the correct landing.

Completely redesigned controls and HUD

This is probably one of the most significant of all the changes you will see in this PUBG vs PUBG Mobile comparison. In the past, the FPS genre has really suffered from the lack of a mouse and keyboard on mobile devices. Virtual buttons and control pads are such that most games try to solve this problem, and PUBG Mobile continues the trend.

Glassless windows and interior remodeling

While Erangel has been largely retained, the mobile port has been made easier to navigate some of the more difficult buildings. This means there are no longer labyrinthine buildings, redesigned open plan interiors, and most importantly, no glass windows.

Direction indicator on HUD and minimap

To make up for the fact that most players won’t play with high-end headphones (or mute in the back of the classroom), PUBG Mobile adds a number of indicators to help orient players in the heat of battle. In a world where fewer and fewer devices have headphone jacks, this convenience is much more than just a luxury.

Simplified scavenging with auto-smash

The game’s auto pick-up feature greatly simplifies looting, picking up weapons if you have empty slots, or replacing the pistol with something more powerful. Any attachments or ammo for the weapons you are carrying are also picked up. It also replaces lower level armor, helmets, and backpacks for any high-level armor you may encounter

Low recoil and auto-aim

Accounting for weapon recoil is often what separates the pros from the scrubs in PUBG for PC. It is almost impossible to control such small subtle movements on mobile devices. To counter this, PUBG Mobile gives players a little help with low recoil and auto-targeting.

Bots populate lower level games

Right after the game’s release, countless PUBG veterans took to the web to brag about winning Chicken Dinner in their first game. As The Verge and others have noted, most opponents in a player’s first few matches are bots.