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Top 5 types of Minecraft servers in 2022 

Minecraft servers have become very popular because you can meet and play with people from different cultures sitting at home. Plus, the various plugins that are added to these servers create more and more fun and competition.

Minecraft servers are very popular and as the game becomes more popular, more and more Minecraft servers are created every day. With that in mind, it can be difficult to find a good one to play with.

Your actions and ideas are stored on thousands of servers. Multiplayer servers are run by server operators who have access to server commands such as setting the time of day and teleporting players.

Minecraft Servers Available

Minecraft servers are player-owned multiplayer servers created for the game. These servers allow gaming enthusiasts to play online or join local area networks with other people. Joining free Minecraft servers is one of the best ways to discover and interact with other Minecraft players.

#1. gg-servers

GG Server started out as a Minecraft server company launched in 2013. Based in Canada, they aim to provide the best possible server experience at an affordable price, and they are constantly listening to feedback for the user to help them improve. Overall the experience is good.

Enjoy a high-performance processor clocked from 4 to 5 GHz for faster speeds. Don’t worry about the total size of all your files on the server, thanks to the unmetered SSD.

Manage your server using the highly customizable and intuitive version of the Multicraft Control Panel. It is quite affordable server hosting that offers multiple plans, easy to use multicraft and plenty of RAM.

#2. BisectHosting

BisectHosting was born in 2011 as a subsidiary of Venture Node LLC and is registered in Ohio. Although they have primarily focused on providing feature-rich yet pocket-friendly Minecraft server hosting services, they have expanded to cover many other games including Rust, Terraria, 7 Days to Die, Walhem, ARK: Survival Evolved and more. I was successful too.

One thing that BisectHosting offers to all its users is a wealth of options, with something on offer to suit most tastes. Whether you are looking to host a small multiplayer community or a large community, BisectHosting should have you covered with their unlimited slots. It monitors each node on the clock so that there are enough resources for each server.

#3. Apex Hosting

Creating a Minecraft server with Apex Hosting is simple and economical. You just need to select the server version and size, and they will take care of deploying your server in minutes. Additionally, you have the flexibility to change your package and server version anytime.

Apex Hosting has an easy-to-use control panel – Multicraft, which includes video guides. They have implemented several modifications, making it easier to control your account. Here, you can easily access the console, edit configuration, manage files, change the version of your server, and more.

With 1-Click Modpack, you can install the best plugins instantly. They offer Xeon CPUs and high-speed SSDs for more transaction processing systems (TPS) as well as lag-free servers available at all times.

#4. Hypixel

The great thing about Hypixel is that this free Minecraft server offers tons of options at your disposal. Minigames include Police & Crime, Murder Mystery, Skywars and Duels – so there’s something for everyone.

It is one of the largest servers out there, capable of housing about 150,000 players, but many live servers actually only contain a few thousand active people. It’s so big and bold that it could actually be a game in itself, with the community as a standard bearer. Also, you may run into some YouTubers.

#5. Hostinger

Hostinger offers the best Minecraft server hosting for a variety of reasons. Firstly, Hostinger is a leading hosting service provider that provides high quality hosting services. It provides robust cloud web hosting that supports PHP, FTP and MySQL.

All of their Minecraft hosting plans offer VPS servers, which means you can get all the resources you need to host Minecraft efficiently. The Minecraft hosting solution provided by Hostinger offers a minimum of 2GB of memory and technical support.

What is the most popular SMP in Minecraft 2022?

The premise of SMP Server is simple: players must resource, craft equipment, build a base, and defend against hostile hordes, but unlike the single-player mode, you can play with an entire community of people! These servers generally focus on friendly gameplay, while implementing land-claims for misery. This is the classic way to enjoy the game!

There are hundreds or thousands of Java version SMP servers that try to deliver a good experience, but fall short. For those of you looking for a great community survival game to play in, this list will have five of the best of the best names.

  • Vanilla Europa: IP Address:
  • WilderCraft IP Address:
  • Medieval Vanilla: IP Address:
  • PlayFuse: IP Address:
  • SurviveWithUs: IP Address:

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