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12 of the best RPGs on Android in 2022

There are thousands of RPG games available in the Google Play category. HD remakes exclusive role-playing games for portable devices. What are the best RPGs really? Well it depends on how many users are playing that game and how much popularity it has all over the world.

We are providing most popular best rpg games for android 2022. These are essential role playing games for every gamer.

1. RPG Eve of the Genesis HD 2022

Maybe it’s not as epic as the rest of the games on this list. But, it is a special RPG game for Android that should be mentioned. The game is developed by Kemco Games, which is another game available for Android as Covenant of Solitude.

I hope this game will mark a new trend for developers by encouraging them to create more exclusive role-playing games for Android rather than developing remakes of classic games.

2. Monster Hunter Stories

This is one of the best action rpg games for android users. In the game, players are monster riders, people who do not hunt but form bonds with monsters. Unlike hunters, they coexist and live with monsters, forming an inseparable bond with them using mysterious artifacts known as the Kinship Stones. You need to find monster eggs to hatch.

To do this, you need to fight enemies that require you to take advantage of your beast’s strengths and your enemies’ weaknesses. The game loses out on some of the 3DS features such as amiibo support, but it’s one of the biggest and best mobile RPGs out there that should provide hours of gameplay.

3. Crashlands

Crashland is one of the best adventure android role playing game. It is a game where players take on the role of a trucker trying to survive on different planets. It won Gamezebo’s Game of the Year award in 2016 making it the best Android RPG of all time.

In the game, your inventory is endless, self-manages, and recovers your equipment when you need them, so you can focus on adventure, discovery, and creation. You’ll never have to dig through your bags or return to your base to free up inventory space.

You will have a huge battlefield with easy tap to change features. The controls are quite user friendly and the game is suitable even for kids. If you are into robotics, you should definitely give it a try.

4. Demon’s Rise 2

In the game, you need to choose from 19 diverse character classes to create your battle band. Your warriors will get better, stronger and unlock new powers and skills with each victory. Acts of courage and savage on the battlefield will gain the grace of your gods, which can mean the difference between glory and defeat.

The battles are fun and well-designed, and a cover and morale system adds extra crunch to the gameplay as you proceed to take advantage of the battlefield and sabotage your enemies’ will. The multiple difficulty levels, side missions and a wealth of character options add to the replay value of Demons Rise. The free version lets you play the first three missions for free, with in-app purchases unlocking the full game by the safest browser for Android.

5. Medieval Merge: Epic RPG Games

Medieval Merger begins by taking us to a mysterious land. As you help the heroine complete her mission, you’ll discover new ones at every turn in this realm of epic adventure. There are tons of thrilling battles to fight in the amazing role-playing adventures, featuring varied gameplay, the famous merge puzzle mechanism, and an exclusive graphic design. Your village’s problems must be solved, monsters must be slain, damage repaired and the masses must be saved from the enemy.

The developers have made sure that there is a wide variety of weapons to choose from, but ultimately there is only one way, that is, to become the hero, Merge Master Warrior! Defeating these challenges will require high-end equipment and weapons, but they can be accomplished with Grind. With its soothing soundtrack and simple controls, the game has a highly aesthetic environment. If you want a relaxing role-playing experience then this could be the game for you.

6. Dungeon Chronicle

There is no shortage of loot in this RPG game. Dungeon Chronicles is a great free mobile game for fans of games like Diablo 3 and Path of Exile. The game has tons of loot for you to grind every day to level up your character and go through unlimited levels with increasingly difficult enemies.

7. Armored God

Armored God is a mobile fantasy MMORPG with tons of PvE and PvP content. Massive player interaction is achieved with global servers that support users from all over the world.

A plethora of diverse activities, from cross-server challenges to PK battlefields, keep players entertained. The game has regular events and regularly adds new content so there is always something new to do.

8. Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

Grim Souls is a third-person survival MMORPG that is very popular among those who like to play games in the action genre. It is a survival game with a dark thread fantasy world, you have to defend yourself from zombies and other enemies, build a fortress, collect resources, and other crafting related things.

Initially, your goal in the game will be to survive, but when you realize that only the strongest can survive in this world, your goals will become more ambitious. You can explore some new lands and dungeons to get resources, weapons and armor in the game.

Since this is a multiplayer game, you can get these things by joining clans alone or with friends. The game is free to play with some in-app purchases, so it wouldn’t hurt to try it out at all.

9. Battle Chasers : Nightwar

Ranked second among the top RPG games on iOS and Android, Battle Chaser: Nightwar is actually a successful mobile port. The title is adapted from the eponymous comic book by Joe Maduira, who also handled the art direction for the Darksiders saga. Not surprisingly, you are immersed in an extremely dark environment.

For the story, you go on an adventure to find your missing father. Five colorful heroes are with you: a fallen paladin, a former war golem, an old wizard, a benevolent hunter and a demon hunter. Each of them has its own abilities and items. Your quest won’t be easy, especially because of a lowly Necromancer’s trick!

10. Stellaris: Galaxy Command

Stellaris: Galaxy Command is based on the main Stellaris game, a respectable name in the grand strategy genre.

Players have their own space station which becomes the center of fleet building and exploration mission operations. Story-driven quests, player trading, and PvP combat round out the feature list.

Stellaris: Galaxy Command is not a casual MMO experience. Just like the original game, this mobile version offers complex and strategic gameplay. Players will need to consider many factors and make important decisions. It is not an easy game but it is rewarding.

11. World of Kings

If you’ve been longing for a World of Warcraft mobile game, this is as close as it gets. Aesthetically, World of Kings looks and feels like the famous MMORPG that we all love to hate.

This fantasy game has all the MMO features: character customization, 5-player dungeons, fast-paced action combat, a large collection of mounts and pets, real-time PvP, and guild battles supporting up to 100 combatants. Where credit is due, the graphics team did an impressive job with the visuals.

12. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

It is a legendary title and no list of best RPG games can go on without it. The Witcher franchise has put Polish studio CD Projekt Red on the map, and this third installment has made them one of the most successful developers and publishers in history.

The story is an adaptation of fantasy novels written by a Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, referred to as “Polish Tolkien”, he released The Witcher novels between 1990 and 2014. to critical acclaim.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt further popularizes the books by adopting their own swirly mythology, fantasy worlds and characters. It also spawned several live-action adaptations, of which Netflix’s The Witcher is the most recent. The game uses traditional RPG elements and combines them with fast-paced action, challenging terrain, challenging boss fights, and more.

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