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best texture packs to boost FPS in Minecraft 1.19 update

While Minecraft may appear simple on the surface, it can be quite a difficult game to run. For example, its lighting engine is quite old. This can cause frame issues in environments that require a lot of light, such as caves or mega bases. Additionally, games can be quite processor-intensive, causing problems for players trying to multitask.

Thankfully, the community has come up with a plethora of solutions to these issues. There are many different modes available that can help the game run better. Some of these mods can completely redo the lighting engine and optimize how the game uses both CPU and RAM.

Best Minecraft 1.19 Texture Packs

From the crowd to every single block in the game, everything gets a new life, a new look, and some even get new sounds and animations. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Now, let’s dive into the best Minecraft 1.19 texture packs and see, so that you can experience the game in a whole new way.

Please note that newer versions of the game refer to “Texture Packs” as “Resource Packs”. They both work the same way, except the resource pack includes custom sounds and animations with textures. All texture/resource packs on our list are compatible with Minecraft 1.19. So, as long as you are running the latest version of the game, you can use them without facing any difficulty.

1. Fancy GUI Overhaul

As the name suggests, Fancy GUI Texture Pack just affects your graphical interface. What you get is a brand new interface for using crafting tables and other utility blocks in-game. The way those blocks are used is not affected by graphical changes.

However, because of the way they fit in with the game, Minecraft should probably officially use the same GUI by default. They are better than any default UI in the game.

2. Faithless

Faithless is very different from most of the texture packs on our list in terms of purpose. All the changes this texture pack has brought to the game have been made to make it more combat friendly.

You can identify blocks more easily, areas are brighter and more vibrant, and well, unlike any regular texture pack, it also caters to players of color in the community. Therefore, in various contexts, Faithless is a really faithful resource pack for Minecraft 1.19.

3. Fancy GUI Overhaul

Minecraft’s GUI is rather bare and boring, especially if you’ve played the game for a long time. The Fancy GUI Overhaul Texture Pack tackles this problem by changing its graphical interface to use crafting tables and other utility blocks in the game.

With this texture pack, utility blocks and similar items are instantly recognizable, allowing players to become more immersed in the world of Minecraft.

4. Bare Bones – Best FPS Minecraft 1.19 Texture Pack

Bare Bones is one of the most popular Minecraft texture packs for the past few updates. This resource pack with its smooth, vibrant and almost cartoon style will make your world look exactly like the official Minecraft trailer.

Even mobs look simple and neat after applying this texture pack. And since Texture Pack is fairly simple and lightweight, it’s perfect for players on low-end systems. For shaders, we have also compiled a list of the best Minecraft shaders for low-end PC.

5. Wolfhound

Minecraft offers a lot of potential to meet your artistic needs. On occasion, Wolfhound balances the default texture with a more delicate pattern to achieve a lovely vibe. This resource pack for Minecraft 1.19 is unique compared to other packs with a similar concept because ThistlePack uses scanned sketches or hand drawn them in digital format.

They’ve also uploaded 10 special variants that you can download directly from the author’s profile page in Planet Minecraft, depending on whether you want to fit into a specific theme or color palette.

If you’re into the cartoon genre, Wolfhound offers Minecraft players a lot to revive their worlds and construction projects.

But the best part is the Texture Pack Customizer which allows you to choose which of the textures you want to include. It’s an invaluable tool we wish more creators had for their projects, so kudos to ThistlePack!

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