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5 Anime With Way Too Many Characters

Animes with large ensemble casts are not common, but some shows have too many characters. These anime don’t necessarily have the most characters. They just need a lot of characters for their story. While there are anime that can handle a large cast, others have too many characters for the audience to keep track of them all.

Some anime have short, manageable casts that allow you to get to know all of the characters on an intimate basis. Other shows are so big that they could easily populate a city. While some of these shows let most of their characters fade into the background, the best anime with a large cast manage to use side characters to deepen and develop the larger world the protagonist lives in.

Most anime are shonen series with multiple characters, such as Naruto, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Z, and One Piece. Sports anime such as Prince of Tennis feature the main team, their rivals, and more.

The Best Anime Of 2022

In the vast world of anime, it can certainly be hard to choose your favorite. It doesn’t help that there are so many new anime series to check out and so many old ones to catch up on. If you’re having a hard time choosing, why not start by looking at this list of famous anime characters?

1. Shizuo Heiwajima

How does Shizuo still have Cannon as being human? I don’t even know honesty.

In a universe where a mythical creature like the bride exists, not to mention the sword-wielding demon, this man is still the most powerful.

With Hulk-like strength and durability he’s able to throw the vending machine at you, no problem. Or get hit by a truck and just get more excited.

And just like our #1 pick low on this list, whenever you hurt him, you just make him stronger the next time around.

2. Isaac Netero

Netero the Old Man is one of the best op anime characters of all time, he is the former head of the Hunter Association, and died in an extreme battle with the head of development, Chimera Ant King Merume. Although the average player is much more powerful than the average Hunter x Hunter character, Isaac is an outsider who can defeat so many powerful anime characters at his own game.

Merum can summon a giant karate god to slay his opponents with thousands of different attacks. Isaac is also much more intelligent and smarter, not to mention being physically tough, despite training unintentionally for more than a decade, throwing ten thousand punches in an instant during a training pilgrimage that would end his life. was about to end.

3. Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo, the third-op main character in the long-running JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime and manga, can easily defeat any other character using his Star Platinum Stand ability.

The stands are the embodiments of the spirit in JoJo’s bizarre adventure that enable a person to exhibit a special paranormal power. Jotaro’s Star Platinum helps him delay it for several seconds before unleashing a barrage of super-destructive punches, both suspended and flowing.

No other character has any means of defending himself against an enemy who can stop time, and even if he did, the remarkably fast-paced Jotaro would quickly find a copy. – Prepares strategy. Jotaro Kujo is one of the most powerful best anime characters ever.

4. Tomodachi Game (Crunchyroll)

This anime can’t help but be compared to the squid game. It has a similar premise: a group of people are made to compete in games to entertain the shadowy people. There are some major differences though. For one, those who lose are not killed immediately by any violent means. That doesn’t mean people don’t die. Just their death usually happens outside the game…

Tomodachi Game is less about socio-economic issues and classism and focuses more on friendship and human nature. Pearl is. All groups share a huge debt and win the most games to either clear their name or pass it on to someone else.

5. Spy x Family (Crunchyroll)

Spy x Family is a delightful comedic anime about a tentative family trying to fit into high society. The father, Code named Twilight, is a well-known detective tasked with getting close to a reclusive political leader. He can do this by enrolling his child in the same private school as the son of his target. Unfortunately for Twilight, she has no children. So he adopts Anya, a cute little girl who turns out to be a telepath.

Adopting Anya was not enough. Twilight would also need to be married; No one can enter this particular school. Lucky for her, a killer named Your Briar is looking for a husband to clear everyone’s suspicions—obviously, any unmarried woman over the age of 25 as a troubleshooter or detective of some sort.

The interesting thing about this arrangement is that neither Twilight or Your Briar seem to know what the other does professionally. They don’t even know that Anya can read minds. On the other hand, Anya knows all their secrets.

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