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the minecraft servers for survival

There are several ways to play Minecraft due to the sandbox nature of the game. However, one of the best ways to experience the game at its best is definitely through Minecraft Survival Servers. What are they and which server is best for you to explore? let’s find out.

Mineplex : IP:

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It’s hard to make a top survival server list for 2022 and not include the world’s most popular server, and that, of course, is Mineplex. This server has a fair amount of games for players to watch, and it’s really hard to know what games to watch next.

Players are able to compete against it with other players, or they can view Minecraft as Minecraft’s recreation of the classic Mario Kart title. Mineplex is one of the best servers we’ve seen, and we can only assume that the servers will continue to grow as the year progresses.

Datblock :

DataBlocks is another big and popular server on our list of best Minecraft survival servers. This game mode offers survival, skyblock, one-block, creative, faction, earth towny and more. You can always expect to find over 500 active players every hour of the day. New content coming out every month is a major reason behind such an active community.

The server gets even more fun with its custom structures and exclusive content. if you are just getting started with Minecraft multiplayer, this is the perfect server for you to join. You can experience almost all possible game modes with enough active and friendly players.

 Applecraft :

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Applecraft is a fairly popular dedicated survival server, which sees several hundred players during peak hours of the day. There are some features that make Applecraft unique.

including custom player shops/sethomes for voting, and enhanced bereavement protection. Raiding and grieving other players is strictly not allowed, and Applecraft has a large dedicated staff team to ensure this.

SurviveWithUs :

SurviveWithUs is one of the most successful and established Minecraft survival servers ever. Founded in late 2017, it is still receiving weekly updates today.

SurviveWithUs has managed to build a large and loyal following by combining regularly updating the game with new features and maintaining an active and fun community.

III. Hypixel :

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As one of the Minecraft servers with the highest daily traffic, Hypixel deserves a spot on this list. They have tons of games (like Bedwars and Skywars) to keep players entertained and are constantly updating their serves to allow for the latest updates to Minecraft. In fact.

we would say that they are one of the fastest and most consistent servers in that regard. But what sets Hypixel apart is really its community and off-server content. With tons of forums and online stores, it’s no wonder they have a 250,000+ strong Discord community.

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1 Mineplex.
2 Brawl.
3 Grand Theft Minecart.
4 Minescape.
5 Minewind.
6 PixelmonCraft.