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Milwaukee Bucks: what would a Kevin Durant trade package look like?

The Athletic’s Shams Charnia reported Monday that the Milwaukee Bucks are among the teams investigating Kevin Durant‘s price, who requested a trade-off before this off-season (subscription required).

While the Milwaukee Bucks may have been guessing the price based on the fact that they weren’t reported to be making an offer, we as fans are still left in awe, “Brooking to the Milwaukee Bucks to land Kevin Durant.” What business would I have to do?”

Kevin Durant Rescinds Trade Demand; Stays With Nets

The team announced via a statement from general manager Sean Marks that Marks, Durant, Nets head coach Steve Nash, Nets owner Joe Tsai, and Durant’s business partner Rich Kleiman, all met and were to “move on” into the 2022 season. agreed to.

This effectively ended the nightmare that was the 2022 off season for the Nets that began with speculation about Kyrie Irving’s future with the team and developed into a full-blown meltdown when Durant officially retired. Requested trade from the Nets with four years on his contract.

Whether this ends Durant’s feud with the Nets remains to be seen, but it appears the two sides have at least come to an understanding of their immediate future together.

Nets owner Joe Tsai took a stance this season that many owners might not have taken in previous years when the superstar requested an exit from his positions.

Just last year, James Harden was forced to move out of Houston, only then to move out of Brooklyn.

This is a sign of owners getting back in control as the NBA is seen as a players’ league.

According to The Athletics sham Charnia, the Nets had already begun telling teams they planned to retain Irving this season, but the Memphis Grizzlies also entered trade discussions for Durant this week.

Now, it appears the Nets will bring back both anchors from their 2022 squad and should also bring back a completely healthy Ben Simmons on the court.

Kevin Durant Rescinding Trade is Good For Warriors

The Kevin Durant business saga of the 2022 off-season has officially come to an end. For a brief moment, it looked like Durant had a chance to rejoin the Golden State Warriors, but that moment was over. Ultimately, Durant’s stay with the Brooklyn Nets is a good thing for the Warriors.

The way things are currently, the Golden State Warriors should be the favorites to win the NBA championship this season, with the Boston Celtics being the next closest team. Had Durant found himself on the Phoenix Suns, Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, or even the Memphis Grizzlies, it would have changed the power dynamics in the NBA. The Warriors will no longer be the favorites to win the NBA Championship, and those other teams are likely to be the best team on paper.

Stopping in this position only benefits the Golden State Warriors. The team would not have to give up its future or chemistry in an effort to prevent Durant from joining any other conference rivals, and the Nets still haven’t proven themselves as a legitimate championship threat.

The next biggest star to be traded in the off-season will be Donovan Mitchell. However, even if Mitchell were to join the New York Knicks, it would not put the Golden State Warriors in a position to compromise. The Warriors are in a very healthy place to find themselves again as championship favorites as they enter the 2022-23 NBA season.

In this way, Sean Marks himself has put an end to the hopes of all organizations that want to hire one of the best basketball players in the world for the next season.

Likewise, it would allow the Brooklyn Nets the toupee to win two very tough battles of such a millionaire project with the presence of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving; who were in the eye of the press all the time for a potential new destination.

In the end, the “Durantula” will be a guide to the template, which, if combined very well, will be able to leave good results. The first example would have Irving as his right hand, while the other two would be Ben Simmons and Seth Curry.

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