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top 5 Best Anime Friendships in 2022

Anime friendship transcends time, space and even dimensions. Friendship is something that we all strive to achieve in life, be it with a friend or a loved one. Anime friends have deep bonds and mutual respect.

Most of us would agree that friendship is one of the most genuine relationships. Friendship is what makes life meaningful and enjoyable to live. We may not have as many friends as Goku, but we can draw inspiration from the best anime friendships in existence.

1. Naruto And Sasuke From Naruto

Naruto is a shonen series that focuses heavily on the friendship between two people. There are other things to focus on within the plot, but the central point of the series is the friendship between Naruto and Sasuke, two very different but similar individuals.

Sasuke left the village because he wanted to increase his power, and all the villagers left him except Naruto. Naruto promised that he would bring Sasuke back from the depths of darkness – and he did.

Naruto taught Sasuke the importance of friendship and made him realize that there is more to life than he thought.

2. One Week Friends

There’s something fascinating about the first few days of meeting someone, as they go from a blank slate to a fully grown person in your mind. One Week Friends, as the title so subtly indicates, is a show where the female lead suffers from memory loss.

Every week her memory is erased and she forgets all the people she has met. But this will not stop a true friend. And so the male leadership goes through this phase of introduction week after week, never wanting to leave anyone so close to him.

The show is very touching and sends a beautiful message about patience and perseverance.

3. Hinata and Kageyama (Haikyu!!)

The sports chain is moved by teammate dynamics, so it’s no surprise that the volleyball anime Haiku!! Many likable friendship features. Most interesting is the bond that Hinata and Kageyama share.

Sure, they’re not “best friends” in the traditional sense; They are partners and rivals. They are teammates who fight outside the volleyball court and barely spend time together, but they also have a powerful unspoken trust in each other.

It is a relationship that is strengthened by actions rather than words, and it is one of the main aspects of the series.

4. Maka and Soul (Soul Eater)

In Soul Eater, there exist humans who can transform into weapons and warriors who can use said weapons. Along with Maka and Spirit, Spirit is a demon weapon, and Maka his weapon is Mister.

In order for their weapon and Mr. Jodi to work, they must adjust and reach the resonance of the spirit. While Soul is a cynical and rebellious one, and Maka is hardworking and focused, they put their differences aside and accept each other’s flaws and strengths to make their partnership stronger.

For those looking for a strong platonic friendship between a guy and a girl, these two could be the pairing for you.

5. Bakuman

A writer and a graphic artist become more than classmates, they become best friends when the author, Akito, asks Moritaka about helping him create the best manga series in Japan’s history.

At first Moritaka refuses but then he thinks that by becoming a super famous manga artist, he can just land the girl of his dreams by asking him to join the pair as a voice-over actor on the series. This begins the close partnership between the two actors in Bakuman.

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