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Top 10 Best Chinese Anime

The word anime is a Japanese word for animation. If we go by its literal meaning, every country has its own anime. But over the years, what I’ve learned is that when the word anime is used, it refers to the style of art used in animation in Japan.

When we talk about Chinese anime, we usually mean animations that are made in China or perhaps Chinese adaptations of manga or manhua (Chinese comics).

So, without any pause, let’s jump into the list of the top Chinese anime of all time. You can watch many of these Chinese anime on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, or Netflix.

1. Lan Mo De Hua

If you were looking for some romance genre anime, then Lan Mo De Hua could be the perfect series for you. The show mainly focuses on Lan Mo and Louis Yi Feng. While the former wants Louis to fall in love with her but he sees her only as a friend. Lan then finds a magic hairpin that enables her to change her appearance.

She decides to use it to make Louis fall in love with her but she soon learns that any affection gained through the use of magic is not worthy of respect. When she grapples with her inner struggles, will true friends find what they really want in their lives?

2. Episodes Airtime: December

We follow the journey of a brave man who sets out to build his own dynasty. In a world where the Qin dynasty must come to power, ending years of bloodshed and unrest.

But there are many who are not happy with their ascension to the throne. The brave man, Dingying wants to end the Qin Dynasty and create the Sword Dynasty.

Donghua is a very popular series in China, with both seasons released in the same year.

This action and historical-themed ONA series also has a live adaptation television series.

3. Duan Nao

This is another good Chinese anime that spans genres like mystery, thriller, and sci-fi, and is by far one of the biggest and most exciting China series I’ve ever seen.

Die Now is a TV show that begins the story with a series of unidentified murders that unravel the mystery hidden beneath the entire universe, from horrific conspiracies to galaxy wars, from anti-human betrayals to honorable sacrifices. Are included.

Now that the vast system consisting of colliding universes has realized its weakness and backwardness, mankind takes the last stand.

4. Ze Tian Ji: Way of Choice 

Zi Tian Ji is a Chinese anime that was broadcast from July 2015 to May 2020. The story begins when a mysterious meteor hits Earth’s surface, and fragments of it land on the eastern continent. There are total 49 episodes in this anime.

People gathered around the meteor to assess the mysterious totems carved on the meteor. The people there begin to understand the purpose, find the way and establish tradition. Much later, a young orphan named Chen Chang Shang embarks on a journey. And that trip turns his fate.

5. Dongguo Xiaojie: Karma

This anime is about people who think about family. In one tragic case when Dongguo was 16 years old, his other contracted a fatal disease called critical illness.

In search of a cure for his beloved mother, Dongguo, accompanied by his older brother Mo Zixuan and a mysterious figure known as the Life Hardship, set out on an unknown path.

People often attack the three who meet during the journey. Are these three conspiracies here? This anime has a perfect story, and is one of the best Chinese anime. Loved it by those who watched the ONA series. Although the ending was well received, it did not reduce the popularity of the game.

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