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the best Marvel Comics Characters

One thing that has kept Marvel Comics so successful for so many years is that they have recognizable heroes and villains who have a proven track record with fans. However, while Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the Hulk are still popular among readers,

young and old alike, Marvel has tried to keep things fresh by introducing new heroes and villains to the lineup and some heavy hitters in the past. Introduced 20 years. In the early 2000s, Marvel Comics realized that it needed to refresh things for readers with updated originals to bring heroes into the 21st century.

They did this with the Ultimate Marvel Universe, but at the same time, the company began implementing new heroes into its main timeline as well, giving a new generation of readers and fans some new voices.

1. Storm

Strong women have been a mainstay of Marvel Comics—particularly in the X-Men—and Storm is, without a doubt, one of the strongest and toughest breaks ever. Born in Harlem but forced to raise herself as a street thief in Egypt after being orphaned,

she forges a path for herself that includes a goddess, X-Men member, X-Men leader, Queen of Wakanda and now ruler Titles included. Of Mars. While her mutant ability to control the weather is an important part of her, thanks to writers and artists who have added layers to her character.

it is Storm the Woman and her often qualities of tenacity, anger, forgiveness and compassion that are forged. Huh. Established him as the title of modern fiction and cemented him as a cornerstone of Marvel Comics’ most important characters.

2. Doctor Strange

One of the more obscure but powerful magical characters, Doctor Strange, is also getting his due recognition as Marvel’s Wizard Supreme. Strange is also one of the wisest heroes in the universe, whose core focuses on an early fall from grace and humility.

Being a gifted but arrogant, cocky surgeon, Strange undergoes a compelling soul-searching quest that began as a desperate attempt to heal his hands.

Their stories naturally explore the more mysterious corners of the Marvel Universe, and things could take an exciting, more poignant turn in that direction for the upcoming Multiverse of Madness.


When Steve Rogers first volunteered to defend America in World War II, he was rejected because of his poor physique. However, he was chosen to be a participant in an experiment called “Project: Rebirth”.

Little did he know that this was a test of creating super soldiers by using a serum to bestow extremely powerful supernatural power. He becomes a secret soldier of the country and dresses in red, white and blue, thus becoming the hero Captain America.

He is the best friend of Bucky Barnes, who turns out to be the Winter Soldier. He strongly supports the desire to do the right thing at all times… even if it means fighting against his comrades in Avengers: Civil War.


We promise, this entry is not about Chris Hemsworth. Sure, it’s a little about him, but it’s mostly about Thor. As a longtime major player in the Avengers, Thor has been the focus of every major story and event of the past 10 years.

His character was able to undergo an extreme transformation when he could no longer lift Mjolnir and lost his arm in battle. Throughout it all, he remained the darling of Asgardian warrior fans in his core. Hemsworth has used his comic timing and yes, amazing good looks, to make Thor a fan favorite for a whole new generation of fans.

Thor: Ragnarok traces the hero’s journey through a reboot where he loses his hammer and eventually becomes the leader of his people. It is a fresh start that has given new life to the character and made him even more popular among the MCU audience.

5. Thanos

Yes, Thanos doesn’t crack the top 30. (Hard to believe, but it just goes to show how incredibly powerful beings populate the Marvel Universe.) Thanos is a mutant eternal from Titan, the moon of Saturn, and he’s naturally incredible.

Strength, durability and energy are the powers of manipulation. His skill alone makes him at least on par with someone like Thor, but what makes Thanos even tougher is his determination and cunning.

Thanos has conquered the universe several times in the comics by gaining access to MacGuffins such as the Infinity Gauntlet and The Heart of the Universe – and when he has them he is near-omnipotent, easily reaching the top five on this list. Is.


Galactus was reborn during the Big Bang. He’s literally as old as Death, but he’s also a self-made man. Having been a mortal in the previous universe, and then working on himself for ages before coming out as the eater of the world.

he has exactly the experience you need when you are with that amount of power. deal with. Also, we know he can be defeated and killed, but in the history of the universe, he hasn’t been KO’ed permanently.

(Until recently.) It’s so wild! He even once built a power equal to himself to be a sentient, self-aware being, which quickly turned him on and caused Marvel to suffocate him to death. Galactus eats the world. If you’re a young hero, he’s the person you beat to put on your resume.

15 most powerful mcu characters

1 Black Panther.
2 Captain Marvel.
3 Black Widow.
4 Iron Man.
5 Thor.
6 Scarlet Witch.
7 Doctor Strange.

1 Jubilee.
2 Mr. Immortal.
3 Doorman.
4 Cypher.
5 Dazzler.
6 Gin Genie.
7 Color Kid.
8 NFL SuperPro.

1 Mr.
2 Batman.
3 Iron Man.
4 Oracle.
5 The Atom.
6 Hank Pym.