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How to Get a Goat Horn in Minecraft

Goats were introduced to Minecraft with the 1.17 update, and they are unique creatures. But other than pushing the crowd off rocks, goats really serve no purpose in the game. Luckily, that’s about to change with the upcoming Minecraft 1.19 Wild update.

Among the many unique features of this update, the goats are finally getting a special drop in the form of goat horns. And getting them is even more fun than using them.

So let’s go ahead and learn how to get goat horn in Minecraft using the easiest methods. From compatible blocks to the best technologies, we’ve covered everything in this guide. So, without further ado, let’s get started and get goat horns in Minecraft.

What is a Goat in Minecraft

Exclusive to the mountain biome, a goat is a neutral mob in Minecraft. It was first teased in the Caves & Cliffs: Part 1 update, with a major focus on its tendency to rush into the crowd. But this unique mechanic served no purpose until the arrival of goat horns.

When the goats were first released, they only provided milk to the players. Unfortunately, at that time, milk was already a readily available market for cows. Therefore, many players do not even notice the goat in the game. However, now, if you know how to get goat horn, things can get even more interesting with this unique mob.

What is a Goat Horn in Minecraft

The goat horn in Minecraft is a musical instrument that makes a unique sound when blown. This is the first official musical instrument in Minecraft. The sound of goat horn is loud and can be heard from a reasonable distance. You can use it to locate your friends on the best Minecraft servers. But if making a loud noise isn’t enough, you can take its use a step further.

There are 8 types of goat horns in Minecraft, and they each have a unique sound. So, with practice and effort, you can even form an in-game band with your friends. And since the developers are officially calling the goat horn an instrument, we may see more music options in future updates.

Where To Find Goats

Goats roam the biomes with jagged peaks, frozen peaks and snowy slopes. Essentially, if you look at a snow-capped mountain, there’s a good chance it will have some goats. Goats breed on world generation, and then more slowly after that, so to get the most number of goats as soon as possible, when you first reach the biome kidnap two goats and They breed them to get more.

You can certainly try on-location horn-gathering, but given how many horns there are, and the fact that you’ll need screaming goats, if you want all horns go to Goat Farm. Breeding is basically a necessity.

How To Get Goat Horns

Goat Horns might be the most complicated mob drop in all of Minecraft. If you are alive, and not on a peaceful difficulty, there is a chance that the goats will bite you. Every 30 to 300 seconds, the goats check to see if any nearby crowds are completely still.

If they have, the goat will try to drive away that mob. So, for you to ram a goat, you have to be completely still. It may take some time, but don’t move at all, and eventually, one of them will charge.

If the goat hits you, nothing will happen, but if you can run out of time and the goat hits a wall behind you, it will drop its horn. However, this only works if the wall is made of logs, stone, packed ice, iron ore, copper ore or emerald ore.

It’s fine if these blocks were placed by the player, but the goat has to collide with a material that occurs naturally in its home environment to cause its horn to fall – using any block other than the ones listed Do it, and the goat will not release a horn, even if it hits the wall. It should also be noted that goats can’t shed horns because of no one in the first place.

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