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Best sensitivity settings for PUBG Mobile no recoil 2022

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games currently available on both Android and iOS. With so many users playing the game, things are bound to get competitive. Follow our PUBG Mobile sensitivity guide for almost zero repetition to make sure you stay on top.

Since the main premise of the game revolves around eliminating other players and being the last player, any advantage on your side is useful. Following this guide will make sure your aim is on point and eliminating enemies is no big deal. Let’s get straight to the guide.

Pubg sensitivity to aim is of utmost importance to improve your gameplay and win it. To improve aiming In PUBG Sensitivity, to win any game involving guns it is necessary to have perfect aim, as the player will not be able to hit the target. Shooting games like PUBG and Fortnite are mainly based on target.

1. Turn on Aim Assist

Turning on target assist will be of great help to you in long and close range firefighters. Usually, this setting is turned off but you can enable it by going to Settings and tapping Enable.

Best sensitivity settings for PUBG Mobile no recoil 2022

The good thing about aim assist is that it helps you a lot by locking in on the enemy. However, for this to happen, you’ll have to aim near the enemy and your crosshairs will stay on them until they go away.

You can keep this option off if you don’t like that extra support and want to challenge yourself a little.

2. Adjust the crosshair position will Improve aim In PUBG

Another important factor to improve aiming in PUBG is crosshair placement. Players sometimes miss important shots by shooting in an ineffective spot on the ground or on the opponent’s body.

Best sensitivity settings for PUBG Mobile no recoil 2022

Such mistakes can be corrected by making adjustments to the crosshair position and making a headshot. Shooting an enemy in the head will do more damage in one shot.

It is best to shoot at a 90 degree angle on a flat surface to get the correct headshot.

3. Improve aim In PUBG byBringing in the Gyroscope

Users can improve targeting to a greater extent with the right settings of pub sensitivity and the inefficiency of the gyroscope. Players can aim and shoot with the gyroscope without stressing their thumbs and fingers.

Best sensitivity settings for PUBG Mobile no recoil 2022

The gyroscope uses the screen’s orientation and its rotational dynamics to provide the player with the best aiming direction. Use it, and you will see an improvement in your goal.

4. Aim Down Sight (ADS)

The last and third setting that plays a very important role is Aime Down Sight (ADS). For the Unversed, it helps players control recoil by dragging or swiping their thumbs.

Since the sensitivity in any game is completely different for each player, I strongly recommend you to set your own settings based on your comfort, layout and device rather than copying others. It may take a while to set up your settings to your liking but once you set it up, you will be able to kill a lot of enemies in training mode and TDM.

PUBG lite sensitivity settings and no Recoil Sensitivity Settings

You will be sure that sensitivity matters a lot in your controls, when you have better controls, you will be able to give better game performance, therefore, you should set the sensitivity settings of PUBG Mobile Lite according to you so that you can be satisfied that it Perfect for settings.

Best PUBG Light Sensitivity Settings + No Recoil 2022 – In order to further improve playing skills in PUBG Lite, proper adjustment of the sensitivity setting is required, as well as, if the sensitivity of the scope is correct to enable the gyro, the scope Won’t move and it won’t move.

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