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5 best PvP servers for Minecraft 1.19 update

Minecraft is famous for its multiplayer. While the draw of multiplayer was originally being able to play with others in a survival setting, things have changed and evolved over time. Currently, there are over a dozen specific game modes in which servers can feature any combination.

One of the most popular of these game modes is PvP. These servers will pit players against each other, either in arena-style battles with progression and leveling systems, or as a feature of the survival world where players can kill and loot others on the server. .

We’ve covered Minecraft PvP servers for both Bedrock and Java versions. You can find the address of each server under its description, along with the version it is compatible with. Also, our list is not ranked, so use the table below to locate the Minecraft PvP servers at your convenience.

1. PvP Land

Starting big in the world of player vs player, we have PvP land server. As the name suggests, this is a unique server entirely dedicated to PvP games.

It has an open world where players can try to put each other down while attempting to rank up on the leaderboard. But before it becomes overwhelming for new players, the server supports seasonal resets and updates.

What really sets PvP Land apart from other servers is its fighting bots. Before you’re ready to fight real players, you can fight off the server’s custom bots to practice. They are designed to replicate the unexpected moves of real players and upgrade your fighting skills.

2. Fox craft

If you don’t like changes and resets, this is one of the best Minecraft PvP servers for you. Foxcraft is known for making its worlds run continuously, often for years. So, if you build a base and collect items in this server world, chances are they won’t disappear until at least 2024. But with the lack of reset comes an unfair play of power in PvP servers.

Many players dominate this server, long time they have invested to upgrade their skills and get ready to fight players. But, knocking them down from the top is definitely a fun challenge. If that’s not your style, however, Servers also features classic game modes, including Prison, Sky-Block, and Creative.

3. Wild Prison

Wild Prison, as the name suggests, is one of the most competitive PvP Minecraft servers out there. It has a prominent prison theme with many custom features. You get tokens, unique pickaxes, lucky blocks, giveaways, and more for making a place in this world. The server constantly gives players a chance to test and improve their skills through competition and PvP games.

In addition to the PvP experience, the servers feature custom Minecraft magic, gangs, free ranks, and even unique pets. Overall, Wild Prison offers a lot for you to discover and entertain yourself.

4. Purple Prison

Purple Prison Minecraft Server is one of the top notch servers in the world of prison servers. We have listed the server at the top of the list because it has received frequent updates over the past 7 years since its creation.

It is one of the popular servers as it offers interesting gameplay in categories like building, PVP, mining, parkour and more. You can use the above IP address to connect to the server. The game modes are Prison, PvP and Parkour. Purple Prison Minecraft Server has an average of over 1200 players.

5. Origin Realms

The original area is also known as Minecraft v2. It is currently publicly available in beta form, which means you can connect to the server and try out the innovations. The Genesis Zone is popular among the Minecraft community due to the features it brings to the table, which include animated cutscenes, rec questlines, and custom items.

The developer seems to have put a lot of effort into developing this server, which makes it one of the best minecart servers out there. The server has game modes such as Survival, RPG and Quest. The average player count of servers is over 150.

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