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Top 5 Most Realistic Games for Your Android & iOS Devices!

The world of gaming on mobile has got a new dimension. Here is a list of the top games that look incredibly good on Android or iOS.

Most would agree that technology has advanced too quickly, but it is all for the best. in 2016, the best way to play with good resolution and nice graphics was to own a 360, PC or PS3.

Fast forward to 2022, and people can enjoy games that run at higher resolutions and better visuals on their mobile devices. In the past five years, gaming on mobile phones has gotten much better and is widely consumed.

Best Graphics Games

If you are also searching for best graphics game for your android or ios smartphone, then this article can help you. This article will share the list of best graphics games that you would love to play.

1. Call of Duty Mobile

Which is the most realistic looking game? Many people often set their minds to the next generation of console titles.

However, sometimes the credit is due to developers who can use the limited resources of smartphone GPUs to create a game that is more photorealistic than the vast majority of console content out there.

We’re of course talking about Call of Duty Mobile, an award-winning FPS that shows just how far iOS games have come, and how many great games can be found on mobile now. It is an online first-person shooter that pushes the hardware limits of smartphones to the absolute maximum with great results.

2. Into The Dead 2

Just in case the ongoing pandemic wasn’t thrilling enough for you, you can try your hand at a good old-fashioned zombie slaying with this game.

Packed with graphics for a real-life experience, the game offers a story mode that guides you to safety in a zombie-infested era. The only things keeping zombies away from you are guns, lots and lots of guns!

Into the Dead 2 is a free-world game, so it lets you move around a landscape and interact with objects, an element that’s missing from most of the games mentioned above. In addition, it provides an emerging story that can be played offline too!

3. The First Tree

First Tree is a very unique game. It is all about relaxation and enjoyment. There are no enemies to fight, no way to die and nothing that can scare or upset you.

It’s basically a fairy tale that you can participate in. as a fox. But you can also approach it as a form of interactive meditation, as the levels are so calming and pleasing to watch, you’ll feel the stress of the day blowing away from you as you play.

It’s a paid game that costs $5 on both platforms, but if you appreciate games in the art form, the first tree will be a valuable addition to your collection.

4. Evil Lands: Online Action RPG 

Evil Lands: Online Action RPG – The Most Realistic Game in Android, one of the most popular Android games. This game has been developed by a company, the name of that company is Glu Games.

In this game, you will be the player of the game and your objective is to save the earth from alien invasions. You will be the hero in this game and you have to kill the aliens using your swords, guns and other necessary equipments.

The game starts with a horror touch where the aliens spread terror all over the world. Evil Lands: Online Action RPG Ranks Eighth As Most Realistic Games In Android

5. Vampire’s Fall: Origins

Vampire Fall is one of the best graphic game for Android with 3D sound and HD graphics. This is one of the best role-playing adventure games you have ever experienced before.

This is an improved version of old school RPG games. In this game you can create your own fighting style, you can customize your character’s characteristics and skills.

It is indeed a fun-loving and addictive game with more than 1M+ downloads. The gameplay and story of this game is amazing.


1 No Man’s Sky.
2 Spore.
3 Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters.
4 Minecraft.
5 Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)
6 The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall.

1 LDShadowLady.
2 KittyKatGaming.
3 stacyplays.
4 Aphmau.
5 Gaming With Jen.
6 YOGSCAST Hannah.
7 Yammy.
8 Sqaishey Quack.

1 Dragon Age: Inquisition. When it comes to modern Bioware games this one is the longest of them all.
2 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
3 Fallout: New Vegas.
4 Divinity: Original Sin II.
5 Final Fantasy XII.
6 Xenoblade Chronicles II.