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The 5 best GRAPHICS Upcoming pc Games in May 2022

PC games are more popular than ever. It has become the dominant gaming platform as PCs generally offer more processing power and better graphics capabilities.

So naturally developers port console gaming titles to PC to reach a much wider audience. PC games have a rich history with some of the best video games in history to come from this platform.

Last year saw some big releases like Crysis, Witcher 3, Farcry Primal etc. PC gaming is still going strong with many great titles releasing this year.

1. Valorant

Riot’s hit first-person shooter Valorant made a big splash when it launched on PC in 2020, and at a year-long celebration, the company announced that the game is now coming to mobile.

The 5 best GRAPHICS Upcoming pc Games in May 2022

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For now, we are very light on the details. We know there will be some changes to make the game more mobile-friendly (which Riot successfully achieved with Wild Rift) and there will be no cross-play with PC.

As for the release date, the developers have said that it is coming sometime in year two, so a 2022 release is likely. Like most major releases, it should receive several rounds of beta testing, so stay tuned for details soon.

2. Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is a game we’ve been waiting for a few years now. The developers are still working on the game and are gradually bringing more marketing material to the public.

The 5 best GRAPHICS Upcoming pc Games in May 2022

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In Atomic Heart, players are transported to an alternate timeline where Soviet Russia flourishes. It had also given rise to boom with advanced technological developments.

Through these robotics more facilities can run without much need for human interaction. Here, we play the role of a mentally unstable KGB agent who is tasked with investigating a facility that has gone quiet. Walking around the facility, you’ll find all kinds of evil robots that have become incredibly hostile.


At Gamescom 2021, Saints Row developer Volition announced that the next game in the series would be a full reboot.

The 5 best GRAPHICS Upcoming pc Games in May 2022

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The announcement trailer introduces us to the new Saints – Ninah, Kevin and Allie, who will accompany you as the Boss on your mission to take over the vibrant city of Santo Ileso.

As you progress through the campaign, you can try and leave the co-op game whenever you want, so you can conquer nine city districts with friends. According to Volition’s chief creative officer Jim Boone, “It’s the biggest, richest and most ambitious St. Row game ever.”

4. GhostWire: Tokyo

If you’ve seen Keanu Reeve’s Constantine movie or Matt Ryan’s rendition of Constantine, you’ll love Ghostwire: Tokyo.

The 5 best GRAPHICS Upcoming pc Games in May 2022

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This upcoming PC game and PS5 game is set in, you guessed it, Tokyo, where a dark supernatural force has taken all the inhabitants and replaced them with demonic hordes and demons.

Your character as the hero is now the vessel for a powerful spirit that can help you overcome this situation.

When you fight the body/soul duality, you’ll be slaying demons and demons with supernatural abilities in the first person. It’s an exciting take on the first-person action/horror genre and well worth a look.

5. Company of Heroes 3

It’s Company of Heroes 3 – what more needs to be said? Slated for arrival in late 2022, the third installment in the beloved real-time strategy series is set in the Mediterranean during World War II.

The 5 best GRAPHICS Upcoming pc Games in May 2022

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Offering a combination of air, navy and ground forces, you’ll have a nearly unlimited supply of troops to master strategy and overcome your enemies.

It also features “the largest single-player campaign in franchise history,” so there should be no shortage of content for solo players to explore. Once you finish the campaign, you can take the action online for some tense, competitive gameplay.

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1. Contra.
2. Mega Man 9.
3. Flywrench.
4. 1001 Spikes.
5. Dota 2

Graphics can make a good game look great. Regardless of the actual gameplay, here are the games with the most undeniably impressive graphics
1. Death Stranding. Platforms: PS5, PS4, PC.
2. God Of War (2018) Platforms: PS4, PC.
3. Final Fantasy 7 Remake.
4. Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)
5. Resident Evil 2 (2019)
6. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.
7. Ghost Of Tsushima.

1. Fortnite. (Image credit: Fortnite)
2. Warframe. (Image credit: Digital Extremes)
3. Genshin Impact. (Image credit: MiHoYo)
4. Apex Legends. (Image credit: Respawn)
5. Call of Duty Warzone. (Image credit: Activision)
6. Final Fantasy 14. (Image credit: Square Enix)