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apex legends beginners guide

Apex Legends is now free to play, and to win at Apex Games you have to be quick, use your wits and keep your friends close. But victory also comes with preparation, and a few helpful tips in your pocket can be the difference between a defeat and a sweet, sweet victory.

Check out these important tips and tricks to help you start your career at Apex Games and dominate the field.

Choose the Legend Who Matches Your Playstyle

In Apex Arena, all competitors are equal, and Legends are equally matched in terms of power, speed, and firepower. It’s their abilities that set them apart, so you’ll want to choose the legend that matches your preferred play style and complements your squad.

Want to be the shield between your team and opponents? Jump into the arena as Hearty Gibraltar. What about helping your squad travel long distances to surprise your enemies? Pathfinder, with its trusty grappling hook, is your perfect choice. Does backing your team with health add more to your style? Lifeline is ready for action. Find out which role you love to play and try out different legends to see which one suits you best

Choose a legend

Apex Legends has 14 playable characters to choose from. Each legend has a passive, tactical and ultimate ability. Other than those perks, all legends are the same. They move at the same speed and can pick up and use the same gear. Just know that no matter which one you choose, you can still get to the end of the match, so we suggest rotating each legend to see what abilities click with you.

For example, if you like to go into guns blazing, Bangalore or Wraith could be good for you. If you are a cautious battle royale player, Bloodhound and Gibraltar are good choices. If you play a healer in other games, Lifeline might come in handy. If you’re having trouble choosing a legend, our Apex Legends character guide will point you to the best ones.

Stay with the Jumpmaster

Like other battle royale games, Apex Legends starts with a drop. One player in your team of three is designated as the jumpmaster. The other may suggest two locations, but at the end of the day, the jumpmaster chooses the location and angle at which you head there.

Sometimes you can completely disagree by chance. Maybe it’s a barren area that’s unlikely to have gear. Or, maybe you can see other teams moving in the same direction. it happens.

But avoid the temptation to break away from your team, which you can do at any time during the descent. Partition is a recipe for early death. Not only is an organized squad likely to take you out first, but you’ll also be too far away for your teammates to revive you.

Craft missing gear

Season 6 marked the beginning of crafting for Apex Legends, and it helps a lot as you complete your build. You shouldn’t see crafting as a substitute for looting – it’s a complement to looting.

Use Replicator crafting stations to collect extra ammo and outfit your guns with better parts. If you have a specific type of weapon you need—for example, Rampart has faster reloads and increased magazine capacity with LMGs—you can buy a new weapon. Still, it’s best not to rely on replicators for new guns.

Otherwise, be aware of Replicator locations for any fallen mates. If you get a chance to revive them, your team can help them build new gear instead of picking through scraps.

Stick with your team

While extremely high-skilled players can often drop in singles and leave entire squads without help, Apex Legends is ultimately a team game.

You should always go to the same general area as the rest of your squad and make good use of the minimap at the top of your screen to make sure you don’t stray too far from them. You always want to be close enough that you can run towards them when pushed by an enemy team.

Also, you will benefit greatly from communication with your peers. You can ping them for items like heals or ammo or tell them where you’ve seen enemies lurking. By constantly keeping each other abreast of things, you’ll be sure that you’ll always be ready to work together when things start to get hairy.

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