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5 Best Custom Game Modes In GTA 5 

GTA Online is a great game. A big part of what makes this game great are the countless game modes that players have come up with. Like Halo, GTA Online has a custom game builder that allows players to create special maps that intertwine with Los Santos.

Some of these games take players high above the city in flying cars at amazing speeds, while others take players to towering hills where countless falling objects challenge their dexterity. Whichever type of game the players choose, they can bet that they will have a blast doing so.

1. Qub3d

This fun game of balancing and sabotage is very reminiscent of one of the star games of 2020, Fall Guys. Players are born in cars, on a giant Rubik’s Cube floating in the sky.

The Rubik’s Cube slowly tilts and spins, forcing players to balance carefully and reach to the next side of the cube while being blocked and blocked by other players. If a player is too slow, they will succumb to the brutal forces of gravity as their car slides from the cube into the abyss. The last player able to stay on the cube wins the game.

2. The Weakest Link

No, no that one. Fortunately, in this custom GTA Online game players are not questioned about their general knowledge. Players, either divided into teams or as singles, ride in cars on a cross-shaped building floating in the sky.

There are gates at all four outer points of the cross and from each round one is chosen at random to open the gate and the countdown begins from 10 seconds. Players must reach the gate and pass through a room within 10 seconds, and anyone who fails to reach the gate within that time or is struck by the building by other players is eliminated. With each round, the time it takes for players to reach the gate is reduced, and the last player or team alive wins.

3. Turn Los Santos into a photorealistic gangster’s paradise 

You can’t talk about GTA 5 mods without paying respect to all the coders, working tirelessly to make Los Santos as breathtakingly beautiful as possible. There are literally hundreds of graphics enhancement modes available for GTA 5, but NaturalVision Remastered is the current champion when it comes to raw “Fwar” power.

Offering 4K resolution and a complete overhaul of Rockstar’s original aesthetic, the mod was designed to “make GTA 5 look more similar to Southern California in real life.” To be honest, the results look better than in real life SoCal. NaturalVision pushes Los Santos out of the realm of the supernatural canyon and onto a level of graphical fidelity that redefines photorealism.

4. Demolition Derby

Anyone who has ever seen a demolition derby in real life will know how the game is played. Each player is tasked with doing everything in their power to destroy or knock down another driver’s vehicle.

The concept is incredibly simple, but that hasn’t stopped the mod from being one of the most popular among players. Once you get the hang of the basic game modes, there are tons of fun variations to try. The mod is a reminder that even simple fun can be incredibly addictive.

5. Manhunt

The beauty of the Manhunt game mode in GTA 5 is that so many players have come up with their own unique ways to play it. Some players prefer spacious spaces with vehicular access, while others prefer things to be fairly limited.

Some relatively well-known videos have also been made that feature different versions of the game modes. Whether or not players like the massive approach, game modes can be incredibly difficult for everyone involved. Regardless of your skill level, you must take a turn as a hunter and a huntsman.

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