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free games on steam | Best free single player games on Steam

The best free PC games on Steam range from competitive first-person shooters to card games; If you are just getting started with PC gaming, you can save a lot of money and still have a lot of fun.

Some of these games get a whole lot better (with a whole lot more content) if you pay for the “full version,” but most will give you hours of enjoyment without spending anything.

1. Path of Exile

If you mention the words “first-person shooter” (FPS) to a PC gamer, chances are they’ll think of Counter-Strike. Global Offensive is the latest version of the game, and it is the most played game on Steam most of the time.

It’s a competitive five-versus-five shooter that’s been the most respected we’ve had over the years, a game that millions of people play or watch every year.


Warframe is a massive game, both in terms of player numbers and content. Released in 2013, it has been continually expanded with new content, picking up new players along the way. You choose from one of over 40 “Warframes” (the avatar you’ll play as), each with different abilities that can also be customized. Pick up a weapon, then go out into a vast world where you kill, kill, kill.

You can play alone in the online world, or you can team up with up to three other players for group fun. There’s a story to follow, but the real attraction is the endless grind for which MMOs are known. Warframe is completely free, but there are cosmetics you can buy to help the developers.


SMITE is a MOBA game similar to Dota 2. It features legendary figures such as Zeus, Loki, Sun Wukong, and others, who battle against each other to become the ultimate champion. Unlike most MOBAs, SMITE plays in third person, allowing for strategic combat opportunities.

smite gameplay

Each character in SMITE comes with legendary weapons and powerful abilities that lead to some exciting games. The game frequently gets new characters to further improve the gameplay experience. Players can also indulge in a Deathmatch-like Arena mode, designed specifically for new players.

4. Cry of Fear

You play as a young man who is exploring a Scandinavian city as nightmare creatures descend upon it. You need to do your best to survive, as well as find out what is real and what is not. The game began as a medium for Half-Life only but evolved into a game of its own.

Cry of Fear can be played in both single-player and co-op modes, so if you’re a little intimidated by playing it yourself, you can always round up a few friends to beat this eerie, terrifying environment together.

5. Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World is one of those games that PC gamers had to wait for. It released on consoles in early 2018 and we loved it, but had to wait until August to get stuck on PC.

Monster Hunter World allows you to play the “ultimate hunting experience” by yourself or with friends. The result of which is a wonderfully addictive and endlessly engaging game, we are sure you will love it.

6. Call Of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty may not be for everyone, but there’s no denying that it’s a slick free-to-play FPS package. It is a battle royale that removes the illusion of similar games in favor of action; The focus is totally on engaging you in the fight and showcasing the delicious shooting of COD. It’s one of the few battle royales that lets you create your own custom loadouts, which you can then call into battle zones if you’ve earned enough cash.

Another thing about Warzone is the pacing. The matches are perfectly balanced, so you never run for ages and have nothing to do. There’s hardly any filler, and if there is, it’s honestly not likely to last half the time of a marathon in PUBG or even Apex Legends.

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