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Top 5 most Cutest Pokémon of Every Type

The world of Pokemon is full of different ‘mon’s, and there’s a special kind for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a fighting-type, a cat Pokémon, a dog-mon, or a terrifying psychic-type, choosing a favorite can be difficult.

While some trainers prioritize powerful creatures like Charizard or Rayquaza on their team, others are simply looking for the cutest Pokémon – and when there are so many to choose from, we don’t blame them!

Cutest Pokémon of All Time

For more than two decades, the Pokémon franchise has provided us with some of the cutest designs out of all anime, and with this list, we’ll show you what we consider to be the 5 cutest Pokémon of them all.

1. Oshawott

A starter Pokémon on our list? sure why not? The Oshot is a water-type starter from Generation V.

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A Pokémon like the sea otter can seem mischievous at times, but its cute demeanor makes it a pleasure to be with. Its “scalchop” placed on the Oshavot’s belly also has an added bonus of being cute and aggressive at the same time.

It’s made with the same material as its claws, making the Pokémon more aggressive in battle, as well as a way to break food. This little fella is meant to be kept, so if you choose it at the beginning, you will surely have an amazing adventure.

2. Lillipup

Lilypup is a puppy and who on earth doesn’t love puppies? Because of how easy it is to train, one of Unova’s most popular Pokémon, Lilipup is also quite smart and can judge an opponent’s strength.

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It never screams, which also makes it the ideal companion for trainers who live in confined spaces like apartments. Lilipups can be grumpy.

If their trainer treats them badly, they will remember and retaliate after evolving into Harrier at level 16, refusing to obey. However, if they are loved and cared for, they will become incredibly loyal and friendly to their trainer.

3. Sprigatito

The latest Pokémon on this list, Sprigatito, has already won hearts and minds since the first trailer for Pokémon Scarlett and Violet.

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It’s small, green, and has an adorable smile. Its eyes are also twinkling with joy as they remain open whenever anyone comes to welcome it.

What makes it even more adorable, according to Bulbapedia, is that it pops up whenever it wants to get your attention. We can’t wait to see the cat Pokémon in Scarlett and Violet this November.

4. Vulpix

Vulpix is ​​a Fire-type Pokémon that appeared in Generation 1. It is commonly known as the Fox Pokémon because it looks like a beautiful brown female fox.

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In Pokemon Sun and Moon, this Pokemon has a new Elolon form. It can develop into Alolan Vulpix, Alolan Ninetails and Ninetails.

In aloline form, the body of the vulpix turns white, changes territory, and prefers to remain in its original form in cold environments; It can live in any environment. It has hidden abilities and is one of the strongest Pokémon of its type.

5. Skitty

It’s not nearly impossible to imagine being Skitty in real life when you encounter it in the world of Pokemon.

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It is literally a feline Pokémon and with its short legs mimics the adorable Munchkin breed of cats.

The skitty is known to chase moving objects like their real-life counterparts, and often gets dizzy from chasing their tails. It goes from adorable and playful to regal and is coveted with its evolution in Delcati.

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1 Dratini.
2 Shaymin.
3 Mareep.
4 Lillipup.
5 Emolga.
6 Growlithe.
7 Clefairy.

1 Sceptile.
2 Gogoat.
3 Rillaboom.
4 Tsareena.
5 Tangrowth.
6 Serperior.
7 Leafeon.

1 Landorus.
2 Kantonian Zapdos.
3 Gliscor.
4 Aerodactyl.
5 Gyarados.