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Top 5 Highest Rated Pokémon Movies, ranked

I’ve seen Pokémon since I was a little girl. From the famous anime series, with all its funny moments, to the video games that hit our screens, to trading cards in old dusty binders from the early 2000s.

Pokemon was a constant name in my life, and now today, I I’m going to go over one of the biggest aspects of it in entertainment – movies. For over twenty-five years, Pokemon has charmed its audience through its easy-to-understand concept and fun gameplay (most of the time),

but few people I ever talk to about Pokemon movies, honestly There are some really fun entertainments especially for fans of the series. While there are many movies that have come out with anime series, today I’m going to go over my personal top six — and why you should watch it.

Which Pokemon movies were the greatest?

Pokemon has an MCU amount of movies of its own. It seems like almost every legend has been the subject of his own movie. Ash and Pikachu have surely entered into their share of adventures through these films.

While some are praised as having a strong dose of nostalgia, if nothing else, others didn’t get the greatest reviews. However, which Pokémon movies were standout?

1. The Power of Us

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This Zerora-centric film, though yet another one with a very basic plot, is a fun romance for fans new and old alike. The highlight of the film is its action set pieces, as the electric-powered Zerora steals the screen whenever it appears.

While it still retains aspects of many modern Pokémon movies, The Power of Us feels like a true return to form for those who are fans of classic Pokémon movies and the early days of the game’s animated features.

2.  I Choose You!

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2017 I choose you! Ash and Pikachu’s Pokémon from the television show’s first season redefines the origin story, adding new stakes and accelerating the pacing.

The film shamelessly touches on the heart, showing Charzard’s development, Pikachu and Ash’s first meeting, and an original, heart-wrenching climax. I choose you! An excellent mix of nostalgia and novelty.

3. Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life

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It’s a bit surprising that the film ranked so high in the IMDb database, as it was generally hampered by quite a few plot holes and pacing issues. Still, there were a slew of fans who got a kick out of the strange setting.

The plot sees Arceus revealed as a god after it is revealed that Pokémon saved Earth a long time ago and no one is happy anymore that the Jewel of Life has been stolen, leading to Ash and friends. Tried to correct this wrong to avoid. The wrath of Arsius.

4. Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel

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Another power-hungry person is trying to capture and use the power of a legendary Pokémon for his own plot. But steampunk is at once strong with it, and the fascinating legends put it a step above few other movies.

The rumblings of volcanoes and cynicism are a nice change of pace for the usual unsightly mythical Pokémon found in these movies. His relationship with Madhur Magerna was particularly fascinating.

5. Detective Pikachu

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Despite how high “Detective Pikachu” ranks on the list, I gave it Rotten on the Tomatometer when reviewing it, which can give you a feel for the caliber of these movies. But there are some great moments here, and the Pokémon are all nicely translated for live action.

A few twists at the end remind me of “Get Out,” and judging by my own caution, I’m not going to try to unpack it on this list. Ryan Reynolds is legitimately cute and funny, and fighting in the underground Pokémon Club just gave me what I wanted.

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1 Charmander: The Stray Pokemon.
2 Pikachu’s Goodbye.
3 Here Comes the Squirtle Squad.
4 Enter The Champion!
5 Volcanic Panic.
6 One Journey Ends, Another Begins…7 Bye Bye Butterfree.

8 Alola, Kanto!