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5 Best Minecraft 1.19 Pickaxe Enchantments

Living up to its name, a large part of Minecraft’s gameplay experience is based on mining. You have to find biomes in Minecraft, to collect resources, and if you’re following the story, to reach the Ender Dragon and win the game.

But all these adventures can quickly get boring if you don’t have the right gear. Yes, finding Netherite in Minecraft to make a pickaxe makes things better. However, even this can’t beat the repetitive and long mining hours that are a part of survival gameplay.

So, to shake things up a bit, we have covered the best Minecraft 1.19 pickaxe spells that you can apply to make your life easier. There’s a lot to learn about the best pickaxe spells in Minecraft, from how to use them to getting them.


1. Unbreaking

If repairing your pickaxe sounds tedious, Unbreakable Magic is a better option for you. This practically prevents damage to the pickaxe and reduces its durability.

However, this may not make your pickaxe completely unbreakable. Instead, it only reduces the potential for damage to the pickaxe. Your pickaxe can still take damage from time to time.

There are three levels of Unbreakable Magic (Unbreaking III), and you can get them all in the form of enchanted books as well as using the enchantment table to apply it.

Each level reduces the chance of a 25% reduction in the pickaxe’s durability. If you plan on using a pickaxe for a constant amount of time, Unbreakable is easily one of the best Minecraft 1.19 pickaxe spells ever.

2. Fortune

As in the real world, luck plays a big part in your gameplay in Minecraft, and that’s what the charm is based on. This regularly increases the amount of blocks mined and the probability of rare drops. But it doesn’t affect any experience that the mining process falls through. You can use this to make the process of finding diamonds in Minecraft worth your time.

This enchantment has 3 levels (Fortune III), with the probability of multiple drops being 33%, 75% and 120% higher respectively. You can achieve this by using both the enchantment table and the enchanted books. However, it affects each ore block differently. You can find the complete dataset of fortune spells on the Minecraft Wiki (visit the website).

3. Curse of Vanishing

On the best Minecraft PvP servers, the world can be competitive in terms of in-game gear. Some players even go as far as killing you to get your items, including your rare pickaxe.

While only the best armor spells can protect you from attacks, the Vanishing Curse can ensure that no one takes your gear after you die. It makes the pickaxe disappear from the world as soon as you die.

But the competitive landscape aside, the Vanishing Curse isn’t the best Minecraft 1.19 attraction to add to your pickaxe. Unless you find it naturally, you should avoid getting it on your pickaxe.

4. Efficiency

One of the best attractions for Netherite Pickaxe or any device in Minecraft is efficiency. This attraction increases the mining speed of the device. Your productivity will double and you can save a lot of time to do other things.

However, since you’re mining fast, your equipment will break down just as fast. To ensure that your pickaxe can last a long time, it is recommended to combine efficiency spells with unbreakable magic.

5. Mending

Mending is an extremely valuable addition to any of your tools in Minecraft. As soon as you pick up the Experience Jewelry, it can automatically repair your equipment. With both mailing and unbreaking, your pickaxe will literally never break and you can use it forever.

As magic is repaired using veteran orbs, this can work when you fight mobs as well as when you’re doing a bunch of other activities in Minecraft. Note that experience orbs used to repair equipment will not increase your EXP level.

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