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5 best GTA Online missions for solo money-making in 2022

Grinding money is one of the most common activities in GTA Online. There are many ways they do this, from robberies, races, and even events in the adversarial mode. However, the most common way to make money is through contact missions. While some contact missions reward less per run, they are easier to complete, leading to better results over multiple runs.

In this article, gaming x news is going to showcase the 5 most profitable contact missions in GTA Online.

1. Simeonomics

This Simeon Contact mission is especially perfect for grinding into Double XP and Money Week. It involves players stealing cars from the airport and bringing them to Simeon’s dealership.

While the mission can be done alone, it is recommended to bring at least one teammate to accelerate, as the minimum number of cars to complete it is two.

Players can choose whether or not to access missions by stealth. It’s best to practice your stealth skills, as there are many security guards around, which can waste a lot of time. If players alert a guard or employee on their way to vehicles, they will be awarded a three-star wanted level. After getting the vehicles, lose the desired levels and get to Simeon.

2. Blow Up

Unlocking at rank 12, Blow Up is another introductory mission that can get you thousands of dollars by completing it yourself. All you have to do is destroy a bunch of vehicles at a dealership, lose the police, and then head back to the dealership. A smart way to go about carnage is to get all vehicles close together before using explosives, as this will make them easier to detonate and less likely for police to show up.

Make sure you deposit any cash you earn into the bank immediately, as other players may be looking for an easy payday by beating you up. You can do the same and look for players who have just completed a mission, but be prepared to be a target if you keep causing problems for other players.

3. Meth Lab

You can gain access to the meth lab by forming a motorcycle club. Though it is not profitable like other MC businesses, still it has good income. You can buy various properties to set up shop and invest in upgrades to make them better. Then you have to take them to different places to complete missions and earn. Sometimes you may have to face difficulties even in the form of enemies.

What is great about it:

  • A small amount of profit
  • Doesn’t take much to set up

Fewer complications while transporting products

How much can you earn:

  • $21,000 per hour without upgrades
  • $51,000 per hour with upgrades

4. Vehicle Cargo

Vehicle Cargo Mission can be accessed by registering as CEO. Setting up a vehicle cargo warehouse is also a great way to earn a good amount of cash in a short span of time. And the funny thing is, the missions themselves are pretty straightforward.

You locate a car and choose to sell it to a potential customer. You may have to face a few enemies, but they are easy to handle as long as you don’t damage the car. Selling a collection of cars can also give you huge profits.

5. Martin Madrazo – Out of court settlement

This Martin mission in GTA Online involves killing any witnesses and preventing them from testifying against Martin. The player can complete this mission alone quite easily. This mission does not require much effort from the player.

Only if players are fast enough in GTA Online will they be able to haul cash because contact missions are the first to reward speed on everything. Thus the players also need to make sure that they do not waste time watching everyone. This will save players a lot of time setting goals and accessing documents, in addition to ensuring a bigger payday.

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