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top 5 best weapons in Minecraft 1.19 update, all time ranked

There are also many enemies in the game to use these weapons, from low level characters to endgame bosses.

Here’s everything you need to know about the best weapons available in Minecraft: There are many types of weapons in Minecraft, some of which are suitable for doing heavy damage in melee combat and some better for ranged attacks. Huh.

The trident and bow are good examples of weapons that are perfect for specific situations where it is easier to attack the enemy from afar as they will be very OP at close range.

1. Crossbow

The great thing about crossbows is that you can shoot instantly when pre-loaded. In melee combat, the crossbow can be used as an instant projectile attack to chip your opponent’s health after disabling your shield with your axe.

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Afterwards, you can switch back to your melee weapon to fight again. In addition, players can convert the crossbow into a shotgun with the Multishot Charm, effectively tripling its damage at close range.

By replacing normal arrows with fireworks, players can have a triple rocket launcher that deals massive splash damage.

2. Stone Axe

Stone Axes have the same disadvantages as Iron/Diamond Axes, only they are much cheaper to produce. Granted, stone gear has less durability but the damage is great.

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While axes have a lower attack speed, each hit deals more damage than your regular stone or iron sword.

In terms of attack speed, all stone, iron and diamond axes have lower attack speeds than swords. Diamond axes have a slightly higher attack speed than iron axes, the same for iron to stone.

3. Sword

Q: Which is the most used Minecraft weapon? Answer: Maybe swords. It’s the first fighting tool players think of when they set out to build a whole new set of tools.

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Depending on which game version you prefer to play (or can afford!), you may encounter different ways to use the sword.

In the Java version, you can deal with many congestion by using the widest edge. In Bedrock Edition, just spamming this Minecraft weapon is enough to do maximum damage.

4. Trident + Loyalty

Among other weapons in Minecraft, Tridents definitely stand out as they are the only hybrid weapon in the game.

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They can be used as both melee and ranged weapons and both deal good damage.

Other spells for Trident can do more damage, but they are time specific and not consistent. However, loyalty is a hobby that returns players to the player’s hand when they are thrown, making it a great way to never lose.

5. Whirlwind

This unique variation of the Double Ax can really be a force to be reckoned with.

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Heavy ax can kill everyone in your way with its huge power and crazy area limit. And if that weren’t enough, the tornado drives home with its own wave of shockwaves that shoot from each hack. The weapon can be found in Soggy Swamp, Soggy Cave, Dinghy Jungle and Windswept Peaks.

How to make a gun in Minecraft

  • Gather your resources. You will need 6 blocks, 1 dispenser, 3 redstones, 4 redstone torches, a lever and arrows.
  • Place your dispenser, a redstone dust behind it, and 2 blocks behind that.
  • Place one block on top-left and top-right of your previous blocks.
  • Place redstone torches on the sides of your lower rear block (4 in total).
  • Put redstone dust in the channel above your rear bottom blocks. It should
  • Place a lever on the back of the rearmost block and turn it.
  • Fill your machine gun with ammo (either arrows or fire charges).
  • You can create servers and play with random Minecraft users and your friends from different devices.[1]
  • You can use a Minecraft Pocket Edition server. This is a Minecraft world on the mobile version of the game.[2]
  • You can even build bigger servers to play minigames.[3]

How To Download Minecraft Game On PC For Free

Step 1: Open the official Minecraft website on your Windows or Mac PC (you can click on this link).

Step 2: Select Menu > Click on Trial & Download > and download the Minecraft game on your PC.

Step 3: Once downloaded, you will need to enter Minecraft account details to start playing. If you don’t have an account, you can create one and then start playing on your PC.

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1 Efficiency (max level V). This axe enchantment is easy to explain: it increases your axe’s speed.
2 Silk Touch (max level I).
3 Unbreaking (max level III).
4 Mending (max level I).
5 Smite (max level V).
6 Sharpness (max level V).

Step 1: Prepare resources. Prepare resources (Image via Minecraft)
Step 2: Travel hundreds of blocks away.
Step 3: Create a world backup.
Step 4: Switch to Minecraft 1.14.
Step 5: Start enchanting.
Step 6: Complete the God armor.

1 Open the Enchanting Table. First, open your enchanting table so that you have the Enchant menu that looks like this:
2 Enchant the Diamond Sword. In the Enchant menu, place the diamond sword in the first box. Then place 3 lapis lazuli in the second box.