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top 4 Best Boards In The Mario Party Series {2022}

Everyone knows and loves the Mario Party series for its many fun, whimsical minigames. Still, one of the biggest elements of the franchise since its debut in the late ’90s has been its board game maps.

These are usually players looking for epic marathon sessions or more unlockables. These board games provide a deep, competitive platform to play through a variety of minigames.

This is especially true for those that offer unique twists, and those that are made of nets, hazards, and other curveballs to maintain the intensity (and trash-talk). So, without further ado, here are some of the most inventive, complex and enjoyable board games ever featured in the series. party on!

1. Horror Land (Mario Party 2 And Superstars)

This spooky board was ahead of its time when it came onto the scene decades ago with its elaborate layout, dense atmosphere, and unique elements. It also impressively boasts changes from day to night that change the landscape in more ways than one.

The aptly-named Horror Land is made with both fun and disappointment, as it is crammed with coin and star-stealing boos. The nail-biting board is made even more intriguing after its resurgence on Mario Party Superstars, raising its difficulty rating to five stars.

2. Towering Treetop

Of course, you can’t have a classic Mario Party game without the standard Star Hunt board, and luckily, this game does them the best, especially compared to other entries like 5 or 7. Towering Treetop is one of the far better beginner boards, with its interesting board design around a tree, and good music and scenery overall.

The day/night change is small compared to other boards, with some paths opening and closing during the night, but that’s not a game-breaker. Overall, nothing more to say other than that it is great!

3. Goomba’s Gourmet Gala (Mario Party 4)

Casino-inspired board with bright lights and roulette wheel to make it memorable Mario Party side games and fun. Goombas run all the shops and games, and players need to watch their bankroll to make sure they don’t lose too much on a spin. There are even gomba card games that can be played to win items.

The casino theme is a home run, and Goomba’s Food Gala works great with it. The bright flashing lights of the board and the party atmosphere make playing on this board a visual spectacle. Mario spins on cards, slots, craps and roulette and then seals the deal on a great game for everyone. Mario Party fan.

4. Mystery Land Brings Cryptids & World Mysteries To Mario

Mystery Land is a board game introduced in Mario Party 2 and contains several Mario-themed parodies on real-life mysteries from Stonehenge to aliens. The board is divided into four different areas, which are filled with ruins, pyramids, and strange structures that the player can warp between.

The board also includes a UFO piloted by Bob-omb that players can pay to take them to other areas. The board is full of references to real-world mysteries that have been given a fun Mario spin, making the board a standout among the roster. The only thing missing is the Mushroom Kingdom Bigfoot.

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1 Mario.
2 Luigi.
3 Princess Daisy.
4 Wario.
5 Waluigi.
6 Yoshi.
7 Rosalina.

1 Handcar Havoc.
2 Booksquirm.
3 Mushroom Mix Up.
4 Bumper Balls.
5 Snowball Summit.
6 Bobsled Run.

1 Shy Guy – Complete Story Mode.
2 Kamek – Complete Story Mode.
3 Bowser Station – Complete Story Mode or play through every 4 one of the initial five boards in Party Mode.