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Top 10 Best Anime With The Worst Titles

The world of anime is a lovely domain, filled with one-of-a-kind unique experiences that prove it’s not just about children’s cartoons. From over-the-top action series to battles (where it seems like the whole world is at stake all the time) to slice-of-life settings (which get more and more insane as anyone moves into them), there is no end to the number of unique anime available.

With the sheer amount of anime developed on a regular basis, it’s a given that some of these shows will be far from spectacular. The popular platform MyAnimeList has the worst feature on its website with the worst ratings.

All of these series have been chosen with the criterion that they need to have a few episodes under their belt because the only thing worse than one episode of torture is nine more.

Ragnastrike Angels (2016) — 4.33

At first glance, Ragnastrike Angels looks like another run-of-the-mill military anime, featuring idol-esque girls in button-up uniforms. On paper, its premise is hardly the worst thing ever: In the future, a special team of women known as the Ragna Strikers are assigned to aid Japan in its fight against hostile aliens. So what makes it so much worse than similar fares?

The plot is highly inconsistent, and it is clear from a single episode that the show exists for the sole purpose of promoting the mobile game. Each episode is thirty seconds long. It’s not an anime, it’s a series of ugly commercials.

Ninja Collection (2020) — (3.83)

Don’t let anyone say that bad anime is a thing of the past. Ninja Collection was one of the few terrifying anime to air in 2020, and the show managed to disappoint fans across the spectrum with its ugly animation and complicated story, and no actual ninjas involved.

Supposedly a horror series about a group of people fighting an evil fumes called Darkness, each four-minute episode features a frightening encounter with “Darkness” and its victims, but beyond that, no story Is. The animation is so bad it’s hard to watch, and the main cast is unfortunately bound to survive the entire run.

High Score Girl

High Score Girl follows sixth grader gamer Haruo Yaguchi as he faces a true challenger to his dominance at the local arcade. Classmate Akira Ono, who seems to be practically perfect on every level, bests her favorite game, Street Fighter 2.

From there this unlikely couple bond over vintage video games that allows them to reduce and escape the worries of their daily lives. Yaguchi learns slowly that Ono’s life is not as pleasant as it seems and has a lot to learn about himself and life.

High Score is replete with Girl’s strange audacity, sly life lessons and acts of arrogance. Sometimes, all you need is a coming-of-age story with nostalgia and irony.

One Piece

One Piece is a long-running shnen anime about Monkey D. Luffy, who with his globetrotting crew of Straw Hat Pirates is on the hunt for the treasure One Piece and on his quest to become the new king of the pirates.

The anime adaptation based on Eiichiro Oda’s manga is full of high action and laughs. With an ensemble cast made up of an eclectic set of male and female characters, there is a camaraderie and sense of adventure that keeps it engaging season after season.

Record of Ragnarok

If you’re a fan of The Seven Deadly Sins, list mate JoJo’s bizarre adventure or Gods Fair Thoughts gives humanity one last chance to prove itself tournament-style appeal, then the first season of Record of Ragnarok’s twelve episodes. Join in.

The pace is binge-perfect, the traditional animation, and the fight over the top (it’s a race to win seven out of thirteen rounds). If we must consider our own humanity and face the end, let’s watch the 13 champions fight their way through the God of Gods.

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