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God of War PS4 tips and cheats

God of War is a fantastic game, with a vast world that hosts a surprisingly subtle, intimate story. In our God of War review, we gave it five stars, called it a case study for the mature game industry, and praised its heart, craft, and visual flair. The game makes it a pleasure to explore the Norse world.

Most of the pleasure comes from uncovering its secrets on your terms. If you’ve been struggling to understand the gameplay of God of War, here are ten essential tips to get you started on your adventure.

1. Explore Everywhere

God of War is closer to a game like Dark Souls than to Skyrim in its world design. Not only can you roam an open world, but its many winding, puzzle-box areas need to be negotiated.

The path towards an objective will generally be straight. Still, we encourage you to take your time and delve into the game’s many nooks and crannies – this is where you’ll find puzzles that lead to chests full of useful materials.

2. Axe throws are Your Friend

Your Leviathan ax can sway during both light or heavy attacks. This move is necessary for survival in the early hours of God of War, which can do a lot of damage before you close the place to finish the kill.

A massive throw will also freeze some enemies, which can be useful for crowd control, while you pounce on some poor Draugar (an undead creature from Norse mythology) with your fist. Upgrades for Leviathan X Throw are among the more valuable benefits to obtain early in the game, and they are well worth the XP investment.

3. Get Comfortable Dodging and Parrying

Kratos is adept at killing monsters to a pulp in God of War, but your dodge and fairies timing depends on the rhythm of the battle. This approach isn’t as forgiving as that of Dark Souls.

You’ll still want to know when to weave in and out of enemies’ range. Plus, the accuracy of timed blocks helps in fighting off attacks. It would be best if you learn the maneuver early in the game as mini-bosses can be close to impossible later on when without the mastery of dodging and parrying.

4. Be Tactical about Runic Attacks

First, remember that XP can upgrade to runic attacks. It’s easy to forget that advantage because they rest in a different section of the menu than your skills. Second, consider adapting these powerful moves for different situations.

Some actions are better for crowd control, for example, while others can direct attacks on a single opponent. Also, consider whether fighting moves close the distance between you and the enemy.

5. Amulet Of Kvasir talisman

The amulet of the Kvasir amulet can be found very early in the game and is useful throughout the game. Once you are able to locate Alfheim, you can obtain this amulet. It works like a standard Platinum Dodge – when Kratos dodges an attack, you’ll slow down time and make stronger counter-attacks.

In Alfheim, you’ll eventually reach an area called Light Elf Sanctuary. Locate the teardrop past the crank gate, and proceed through the bridge built from the roots. At this vantage point, you can see the beach where you first started the field.

From here, throw your ax to break the root nodes, leaving a tunnel visible. Get down to reach the wheel cranked room. Use it to solve the original puzzle (break all three with a single throw) to reveal the legendary chest inside the Amulet’s Amulet.

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