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10 Anime Characters Who Deserve Their Own Series

Many side characters in anime are sometimes more intriguing, engaging, and funny than the main characters. Characters like Hunter x Hunter’s Killua Zoldik and Fairy Tail’s Ezra Scarlett are fan favorites despite their secondary roles. Given the limited presence of these characters in their original series, fans will love an anime series that focuses on them as the central character.

Be it the traumatic past or the questionable motives behind their actions, these characters’ own series will put everything into perspective for curious fans. He will surely thrive as the main character of his series and make the audience fall in love with him all over again.

1. Hisoka Morrow from ‘Hunter x Hunter’

One thing that you will love about the Hunter x Hunter series is the variety of characters in it, especially the antagonists. His introduction at each stage of the story throws the audience out of their seats and Hisoka is a character who introduced himself early in the series.

Although he looks like a Joker, he is more dangerous than him and Gon and Killua realized it during the Heavens Arena arc. Unfortunately, viewers never got to see much of Hisoka in action and his past belongings were never even explored. A spin-off series about Hisoka wouldn’t be a bad move as fans would be enlightened to see even more of him.

2. Kisuke Urahara from ‘Bleach’

Kisuke Urahara came in as a defender for Ichigo Kurosaki when he was going through his early stages of being a replacement Soul Reaper. As a great anime mentor, he gave them valuable lessons on how to master their Zanpakuto and use its true potential so that they could face the higher-ups of Soul Society. Her true identity is not revealed until Yoruchi gives Ichigo a brief introduction about her.

Despite being a major character in the series, Urahara has little presence throughout the entirety of Bleach. There are not many instances where his days in Soul Society as a member of Gotei 13 have ever been talked about. Although there are many other moving pieces in Bleach but knowing Urahara’s past life would be very entertaining.

3. Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent

If you’ve seen Baccano, you already know that these two can totally dominate a comedy show.

They have so much chemistry and their actions never fail to make me laugh.

I imagine it would have a similar appeal to Konosuba, where it didn’t really matter what they were doing. Because as long as they were together, something fun is bound to happen.

They could have at least been more prominent in the special! Like come to Brain Base, you’re missing gold here!

4. Rundellhous Kode

Rundelhaus and the gang would be perfect for a slice of life-esque show.

He has that distinctive hero flair, with a very interesting background, and even has some underdog underdogs. So as their level goes up, it will be fun and healthy to follow their party.

The Log Horizon show also gave us a taste of this potential spinoff, as some episodes focus largely on Rundelhaus and his gang.

But I think they could have done a lot more.

He is very charismatic and fun to watch.

5. Itachi Uchiha

Given that there’s a spinoff manga centered around Itachi, it’s pretty clear there’s an audience for the character.

Although the tone of the show will be much darker than that of the original Naruto, I think it would make for an excellent change of pace.

This legendary ninja will make for a great story after he goes from a young prodigy involved in combat, to an alleged mass murderer and rebel. Also giving more weight to his inevitable demise.

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