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top 5 most popular space games for pc

Despite how futuristic it sounds to live in the 22nd century, us average people probably won’t be heading to space for a weekend getaway any time soon.

Until the day we all can’t escape Earth, here are some of the best games in space that take you into the unknown without actually leaving your room.

Whether you want to explore strange new worlds, charm strange aliens, or become a fearful galactic bounty hunter, there is a space game for everyone on PC, and currently following are the best examples that you can enjoy right now. can play.

1. Outer Wilds

Not to be confused with The Outer Worlds – another terrifying space game from 2019 – Outer Wilds takes you out as an astronaut anthropologist into the jungles of space exploring the ruins in your solar system.

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Your goal is to learn as much as you can about the mysterious alien race, the Nomai, but it’s very much up to you how that mystery is solved.

There are many different planets to explore and a 20-minute time loop that neatly books your adventures, so the goal of each run will be to discover something else about the world before your progress is partially reset .

Meaty and full of mystery, Outer Wilds goes down a treat, whether you finish it all in one go or treat each 20-minute time loop as a fresh bite.

2. Elite: Dangerous

It’s hard to believe that the long-awaited sequel to the first open universe space game (1984’s Elite) is actually out in 2014.

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In Elite Dangerous you explore a vast persistent galaxy, trading between space stations, taking out space pirates, mining asteroids, and finding new star systems as you travel.

You can also land on planets, and explore them in ground vehicles. While it never produced battles on the scale of Eve Online, Elite features first-person combat.

where you fly a range of 30+ ships, from the tiny Sidewinder fighter to the giant Imperial Cutter and Federal Corvette. And, again, it’s a beautiful universe to explore, especially in VR.

3. Alien: Isolation

The only game on this list that is from a recognizable franchise, Alien: Isolation is one of the best horror games of all time. Some scary sports rely heavily on the fear of jumping, but it’s all about the constant fear.

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You’re being hunted down by an unwitting xenomorph, and its attacks aren’t scripted. It can appear at any time, from any vent, or around any corner. It is always searching in the corridors of the station.

There’s a lot of terrifying noise in space, it turns out, and it’s hard to understand whether you’re hearing the alien screaming through the ventilation system or it’s just metal compressing and expanding into a cold void.

4. EVE Online

Live Another Life—In Space! There is nothing like EVE Online on PC, a massively multiplayer RPG where everything is controlled by the players.

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It is a living galaxy in which thousands of capsulers fight, trade, mine and explore together. Break away from the relative security of your police-patrol launch system and you’ll find a brutal, cosmic Wild West, where theft, espionage and scams are rampant.

Whether you’re fighting in a massive space war where thousands of real-world dollars hang in the balance, or simply exploring New Eden on your own, EVE is an unforgettable experience.

5. Everspace

Also on the roguelike side of gaming is Everspace, Rockfish Games’ brutal space shooter. There will often be death here.

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But both your credit and your knowledge move from run to run, which is good. As you hone your piloting skills and improve your ship, you’ll start to make real progress through the game’s spectacular story.

And really, it’s fantastic. If you want a straightforward sporting look in a beautifully rendered outer space, you can’t go wrong with Everspace.

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2 Login to Epic Games account or create a new one.
3 Search for GTA 5 in the Epic Games Launcher.
4 Click on the buy now button, make payment, and download the game.

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