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How to make easy money in GTA Online

Everyone loves easy money, and there are actually some really cool ways to get cash in GTA Online that don’t require much effort. Thankfully, these are options that even beginners have access to early in the game. They don’t necessarily have to be the fastest way to earn cash in GTA Online. Instead, they are exceptionally easy to do.

This article will mainly be about AFK ways to earn easy money in GTA Online for those who do not want to put much effort in learning Cayo Perico Heist or other good moneylenders. Even lazy players who want to back off a bit should be able to use these methods.

AFK jobs

One of the best way to earn easy money in GTA Online is by doing AFK job. These jobs can last for hundreds of rounds, which means people with good internet can confidently leave the game overnight and earn lots of cash and RP. The exact number will vary from job to job, especially if more than one person is involved.

The best paying AFK jobs require another player. When it comes to these jobs it is not difficult to find someone online who wants AFK with you, however antisocial people can do AFK survival jobs for less money.

Players will typically have to bookmark these jobs from the Rockstar Games Social Club and play in an invitation-only session, but the exact method may vary from job to job.

Nightclub money

Business is generally a good way to earn money. However, some businesses are more demanding than others. The least demanding business that can easily make money for the players is nightclubs.

Other businesses typically require selling missions to make good money, but nightclubs simply require a player to walk into their office and collect up to $50,000 from the vault.

Nightclub popularity missions have to be done only from time to time in order to keep the profits high, making it a good business to earn easy money without much effort. Next generation players can choose nightclubs from Career Builder, so it’s not like they have to work hard to get this business.

ATM Robberies

If you walk around an ATM and wait for people to take out cash before robbing you, they’re more likely to make up for your hassle with a good change. Normally, NPCs take GTA $10-20 on them, although that number increases to GTA $30-120 right after reaching the ATM.

Note that the AI ​​is programmed in such a way that if you act suspiciously the NPC will note your presence and exit the ATM. In this case, the regular reduced yield will apply. For best results the best strategy is to disable the NPC with a non-lethal weapon before robbing it. The number of NPCs reaching the ATM appears to be random, but in reality, the rate varies at each ATM.

Heists: Fastest way to make money in GTA 5 Online

Hands down, Robbery is the fastest and easiest way to make money in GTA 5 Online. The game offers many robberies, and players can participate in all of them with their friends. Of course, the cost of setting up robberies can also be high, but the reward of completing them is well worth the initial costs; In addition, the reward fills your pocket instantly and helps you make money fast in GTA 5 Online.

For example, the most popular ‘Pacific Standard Robbery’ requires an installation cost of around $100,000. However, if you complete the task efficiently, you and your friends can earn $500,000 (easy difficulty), $1 million (medium difficulty), and $1.25 million (hard difficulty).

In addition, many other heists can make you a lot of money in GTA 5 Online very easily. Mostly, Lester Crest is the point of contact if you want to get an update on all GTA 5 Online heists. Also, for anyone wondering about which robberies pay the most in GTA 5 Online, we’ve created a dedicated article that ranks the highest paying heists in GTA 5 Online.

Races- Completing Time Trials

Time Trials and RC Bandito Time Trials are an easy way to make some money this week. If you win the race or complete it in the required time, you can earn $100,000.

Be sure to do all you can to make sure you’re having the most fun and getting the most out of the game. GTA V has been a lot of fun over the years, and it looks like it will continue to be that way in the near future.

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