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Best PC games free download

Free games used to be a dirty word in PC gaming, but the best free games have matured a lot since the downright scammy pay-to-win shovel of the past few years. These types of games are still around, but that’s not all that much anymore, and some of the best PC games you can play right now are free to play too, and they’ve changed the landscape quite a bit.

Whether it’s MMORPGs like Final Fantasy XIV and EVE Online, addictive card games like Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, or Apex Legends like Arena Battle Royale, there are more high-quality free games out there than ever before.

And while a lot of new titles have some demanding system requirements, not all of them do, and they can be played easily on much less powerful hardware than you need for something like Cyberpunk 2077.

On the other hand, what if you need some games, but you don’t want to spend a cent? The good news is that there are plenty of free or “free-to-play” (F2P) games on PC. Of course, free PC games give you the option to grind or pay for real money, but if you’re high on free time and short on cash, you should have plenty of time.

The games with F2P are marked as such in the list below, so this is not a ranked list. So, in no particular order, here are ten games that you can play immediately after reading this article.

1. Warframe

Warframe is a free PC game that doesn’t seem particularly worth playing at first glance, but if you take the time to give it a chance, you’ll find a game that’s both incredibly interesting and fun to play.

Today’s Warframe is an almost completely different game from what Warframe originally launched. The visuals have been refined, the game plays faster and a lot of narrative has been added to this strange space ninja transhumanist world.

You are a “tenno”, essentially a massively powerful cyborg ninja. “Warframe” is your suit of armor. Different warframes have different strengths, which lend themselves to different roles and play styles.

If you like games like Destiny, which offer a sort of MMO experience but with lots of single-player RPG loot-em-up flavor, then Warframe is going to be right in your wheelhouse.

2. Beneath a Steel Sky

Sadly, it seems that the era of point-and-click adventure is long gone. At least as a mainstream AAA phenomenon. The good news is that you can play as Beneath a Steel Sky in one of the best examples of the genre at the moment.

Originally released in 1994, this little gem is set in a dystopian cyberpunk future. The planet has been badly disturbed due to pollution and nuclear fallout. Under a Steel Sky is set in Australia, where six city-states are divided into “confederation” and “corporation” factions.

Our hero is a man named Robert Foster, the only survivor of a helicopter crash in the Outback. Raised by the locals who seek him out, he becomes an expert in survival and engineering. That’s how he makes his robot friend Joy. Joy is actually a chip that can occupy various machine bodies, which is a core mechanic in the game.

3. Path of Exile

Diablo II is one of the most beloved action RPGs of all time, but Blizzard decided to go in a decidedly different direction with the third game in the series. Diablo III is one of our favorite titles, but there’s a void left by Diablo II’s art-direction and character creation flexibility.

In that vacuum, step the path of exile. It’s a game that many people wished Diablo III had been, and if you’re a fan of classic other games, giving PoE is an absolute must. Most of the paid content is only cosmetic and the overall art style and gameplay nails that Diablo II atmosphere as a whole.

4. Shadow Warrior Classic Complete

Before we go any further, the very first thing you should know is that Shadow Warrior is a Crass game full of naughty things. If you’re not a fan of soft one-liners, bad words, violence, and the occasional sexiness, it’s probably better to check out some of the other games on this list.

still here? Well, Shadow Warrior didn’t get as much attention as Duke Nukem 3D, which is built on the same engine, but it’s just as good as other shooter franchises from the ’90s.

5. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a card fighting free PC game in the vein of Magic: The Gathering. Each player builds a deck of cards with health and attack stats, as well as special effects. The objective is to bring the other player’s health to zero before you destroy yourself. You either lay your cards on the deck to defend yourself, or attack the other player and their creatures.

It’s a simple concept on paper, but Hearthstone offers incredible complexity and depth. It’s no surprise that the sport has become an eSports staple so quickly.

While Hearthstone is heavily inspired by MTG, it benefits from being a digital-only card game. The game is streamlined to an incredible degree, using deep Warcraft lore. While really serious players may find that spending real money gets them the deck they want, casual players and those who have the time never need to spend a single penny.

Hearthstone is addictive, beautiful and a lot of fun. With seamless online integration, you can play it on your phone or tablet even when you are away from your PC.

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