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5 fastest tuner cars in GTA Online in 2022

GTA Online has added several cars since its release in 2013. Players have a huge list of vehicles to choose from, including everyone’s favorite tuner cars.

Tuner cars have a good long history in the Grand Theft Auto universe, with references to their popularity in real life for exotic adaptations and modifications. Ever since Los Santos updated to the tuner game, Tuner Cars has had a distinct fan base of its own.

A great top speed tuner car is a dream combination. That said, let’s look at five of the fastest tuner cars available in the game for players to try out.

1. Pfister 811

If you need one of the fastest yet flashy looking cars in GTA 5 Online, the Pfister 811 won’t let you down. It has been a part of the top lists since June 2016, when the 1.34 Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update was launched. It packs a top speed of 132mph, which means 213.24kmph.

With a price tag of $1,135,000, the Pfister 811 isn’t the most expensive car you’ll find in GTA 5 Online, but it does have some great features. For example, because there are no windows at the rear, the vehicle is bulletproof to an extent. Lap time is also good in comparison. Like we said, the look of the supercar is alluring that you can show off..

We should also mention how customizable the Pfister 811 is. In addition to the standard Boost, a topless mode can be enabled, and this is where you get rid of the ceiling. By the way, you don’t get enough value when you resell the product. It might only set you back $681,000, which isn’t that impressive. Despite not having very good scores in handling/braking, the Pfister 811 is an excellent choice for beginners.

2. Emerus/Krieger

If you like to drive on track and are looking for the best, include a balance of corners and straights that are most likely to be ready for regular racing circuits. The ones you’ll really want to consider like regular racing circuits.

3. Obey Tailgater A

The Obe Tailgater S’s stats are somewhat unflattering. This car is one of the few cars that are classified as sedans rather than sports cars. However, that doesn’t mean the Obe Tailgater S lacks inspiring customization options.

There are countless ways in which one can personalize this vehicle. The stats for speed and acceleration are slightly above average and the handling in the update is among the worst.

4. Annis Euros

Coming in at a whopping $1,800,000, the Annis isn’t the most expensive car in the Euros update, but it’s still pretty expensive. It’s one of the more modern looking cars from the update that players can get their hands on. This car has some amazing levers that mimic those found in Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Fans who remember that movie will love the fabric designs found in this car. One of them is reminiscent of the Drift King’s car and the other resembles Morimoto. The handling of the car isn’t amazing, but it gets it. The real bonus of this car is the acceleration and speed being above average.

5. Vapid Dominator (Arena)

Similar to Imperator, Vapid Dominator (Arena) was also included in the GTA Online 1.46 Arena update. Interestingly, the car is inspired by the custom Ford Mustang featured in the 2008 Death Race movie.

This two-door muscle car has an incredible top speed of 131 mph. However, it is important to note that this is a custom vehicle. To get Vapid Dominator(Arena) in your garage, first, you’ll need to purchase the basic version of Dominator. Then, you can upgrade the vehicle by visiting the Arena Workshop.

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