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TOP 5 most strongest female video game characters, ranked

The video game world is home to some incredibly powerful women, from The Last of Us’ Ellie to Horizon Zero Dawn’s Eloy.

From classic video games to more modern games, we’ve seen many different women with unique abilities. Especially in recent years, fans have been given games with female leads who are powerful in their own way.

Even though not every woman on this list has mystical powers, some of them are strong enough to fight off supernatural enemies even if they find themselves normal.

Best Female Characters

Aimed primarily at male audiences, the video game world is filled with busty, under-dressed female characters, who often garner more attention for their virtual sex appeal than anything else.

Here is a list of some of the most memorable female characters, who stand out for their charm, as well as their brains, tenacity and skills.

1. Senua

Hellblade isn’t the most famous game out there. But it’s still a great game. And it has a lot to do with its remarkable story and incredibly well-written Senua.

This Pictish warrior from medieval Scotland has psychosis and schizophrenia. She believes a dark entity leads her to rescue her lover’s soul from Helheim and sees signs of his dark influence everywhere.

Despite carrying so much darkness and trauma within him, Senua continues to move on. She is resolute and reminds us of the human element of mental illness.

2. Ellie

The Last of Us is one of the best video games of the last decade, and that’s in large part due to its characters and writing. In particular, Ellie’s main character helps make The Last of Us as mythical as she is.

She is just a young girl standing as one of the last survivors in a dangerous, post-apocalyptic world. Despite his youth, he has the skills and intelligence necessary to survive – even when adults fail.

And he has what he needs to fight for his life. As humanity’s only hope, and with her incredible survival skills and character development, she deserves to be on this list.

3. Ultimecia

Ultimasia is the first female antagonist to appear in the Final Fantasy franchise and the main antagonist in Final Fantasy VIII. His ultimate goal is to compress all time and space and make himself a living god.

When it comes to magical abilities she is some of the most powerful in existence, capable of manipulating the mind and will of others, and she can even give life to subconscious thoughts and inanimate objects.

It’s hard to ignore her place on this list with her powers of manipulation as well as her incredible black magic abilities.

4. Commander Shepard

It’s hard to talk about a strong female protagonist in sci-fi games without mentioning Commander Shepard in Mass Effect. After all, he has a long list of achievements that took a lot of strength, both emotionally and physically, to accomplish.

In addition to helping many different planets and people with their personal problems, Shepard also saved the entire galaxy from being overtaken by the Reapers.

The Reapers weren’t even random enemies. They were huge, deadly creatures that died without remorse, but Shepard and his team were able to fight back and keep the galaxy safe for now.

5. Jill Valentine

Appearing in games such as Resident Evil and Resident Evil 3, Jill Valentine serves as the protagonist of more than one game in the series.

As someone who has no problem defeating an onslaught of zombies, she displays heroinism that transcends most other video game characters.

Jill makes the zombie-slaying look easy with the help of Chris Redfield. Together, she and Chris fight the corrupt Umbrella Corporation. She is one of the most loved and popular video game heroines ever created.

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1 Can’t: Ciri.
2 Can: Sonic.
3 Can’t: Tracer.
4 Can: Dante.
5 Can’t: Bayonetta.
6 Can: Geralt.
7 Can’t: Dovahkiin.
8 Can: Link.

1 Superman. This is going to be controversial.
2 Goku.
3 Saitama.
4 The Incredible Hulk.
5 Unicron.
6 Thor.
7 Thanos.
8 Wonder Woman.

1 Yoshi.
2 Sackboy. …
3 Chao. …
4 Chibiterasu. …
5 Pikmin. …
6 Chocobo. …