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Flying-type Pokémon are some of the best species to raise in Pokémon Go. They are commonly combined with other Pokémon types, making them more versatile in battle, regardless of their rarity.

If you’ve been losing battle-, bug- or grass-type Pokémon lately, you may want to build a team of flight-type Pokémon. They are super effective against them and can hold up against their attacks.

You can also bring them into the Pokémon Go Battle League and win if you want to earn more Stardust to evolve your Pokémon. If you don’t have any or a few of those Pokémon in your lineup yet, but think they’re weak, you’ll find the best flying-type Pokémon here.

best Flying type Pokémon

We’re going through the Pokédex and picking out the best of each type, and this time we’re looking at Flying Type Pokémon. The Pokémon world is full of pizzies and bears to catch your attention when you first start out.

But there’s a lot more to it than these little critters and flying types like them. We’ve rounded up the 5 best flying-type Pokémon below, and as always, there’s no Mega Evolution or Legendary involved.

1. Hawlucha

Hawluca is a deceptive bird Pokémon that can only be so good at being a single-stage fight/flight Pokémon. However, it has been OU since its addition for a reason.

It boasts incredible speed that’s almost unmatched with the Unburden, and a solid attack stat that gives it plenty of room to flex its muscles. Hawluca can restore its own health using the Roost, ensuring that the sweep cannot be stopped so easily once it is set.

It’s not capable of breaking even the toughest walls without boosts, but with them it’s really unbelievable. Some of its counters are now gone, Havlucha Square being one of the kings of the circle.

2. Corviknight

If Mandibuzz wasn’t enough of a bird-tank for you, the Corvicknight should ruffle your wings just fine. There are just two real weaknesses in this new addition to the Pokedex, fire and electric.

wow you say So does Scaramory. But Corviknight has higher Attack, HP, and Special Defense. While Scarmory can move a bit faster, it is Corviknight that can handle offense and defense in combat.

Even though Corviknight’s move pool might sound familiar — all the usual flying and steel moves — its solid stats and status as an all-rounder mean it can fit in well with any team.

3. Aerodactyl

Aerodactyl is a Rock-type Pokémon that has a huge advantage over dealing with Electric-type Pokémon. His speed helps him fight any Pokemon, but having a bad special attack makes him vulnerable at times.

His abilities like Rock Head or Pressure are reason enough to inflict massive amounts of damage. In addition, he can evolve into Mega Evolution, which usually increases his strength and speed.

His hidden ability is known as Unnerve, and special abilities like Tough Clause help him stand out as one of the strongest Pokémon. Aerodactyl deals the most damage when it uses a Stone Edge against an opponent.

4. Talonflame

In the X & Y series, Talonflame is one of the three Flying-Types during Ash’s journey to Kalos. However, for the first time in the series, Ash’s bird Pokémon has a critically important second typification to go along with its flight moves and attributes: fire.

In Kalos, Ash doesn’t get a fire-type starter, which means he has to cover it like the other Pokémon from which Talonflame comes from.

Talonflame’s versatility and well-balanced gait make it a valuable and important member of Ashe’s team, which has brought him many victories. Talonflame is another important piece that definitely makes Ash the best team in the entire series.

5. Lugia

Lugia is a well-known second generation Pokémon and is both a flying/psychic type. It is commonly associated with Ho-Oh as they are both guardians.

It looks like both a dragon and a bird and is white in colour. Lugia apparently leads the mythical birds because it can stop them from fighting. It is so strong that even the weather can change.

It is also said to be the only Pokemon with the Aeroblast skill. As expected from a veteran, it has really high base stats, and has great defense and special defense.

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1 Ho-Oh.
2 Heatran.
3 Ninetales.
4 Talonflame.
5 Blaziken.
6 Volcarona.
7 Arcanine.

1 Necrozma.
2 Deoxys.
3 Mew.
4 Cresselia.
5 Mega Alakazam.
6 Mesprit.
7 Azelf.

1 Dragapult. …
2 Gengar. …
3 Galarian Corsola. …
4 Chandelure. …
5 Cofagrigus. …
6 Mimikyu. …
7 Sableye. …