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Top 5 best Train Simulator Games For Android | best Graphic games

Train Simulator is a bit of a typical gaming genre. However, he has an ardent fan base and the games are really fun. There are a few different types of train sims.

For example, you can set up a train company and transport goods. Another type is just building the train of your dreams in the environment of your dreams.

We’ll admit, there aren’t a lot of great options on Android. However, there are a few that we would recommend trying. Here are the best train simulator games for Android.

Train Simulator Games 

Hi, Train Simulator Games for Android has another exciting topic just for you. The aim and purpose of this topic is to help you understand how simulation games work.

The train simulation games for Android involves the player, who is able to simulate a 3D train through any and every obstacle in front of the train.

1. Euro Train Simulator 2

Euro Train Simulator is another popular game from the makers of Indian Train Simulator – Highbrow Interactive. Its experience is similar to Indian train simulator which is top among best train simulator games.

You can play career mode using UK railway signaling with green, single yellow and red lights to complete each scenario and unlock new trains and routes.

Euro Train Simulator currently has 10 unique types of trains, ranging from Bombardier trains to super fast inter-city expressways. App is available in 52 M.B in size and completely free on Google Play Store.

2. Railway Empire

Build your own rail network during the railroad boom in the United States in the 1830s. Buy a train station, or build your own, and buy trains from over 40 wide types.

Build your infrastructure, including factories and maintenance buildings, develop new technologies – more than 300 are available – to improve efficiency and service, provide tourist attractions to keep your company ahead of the competition, and Keep it running on time by hiring and managing it.

workforce. Railway Empire takes you through five different eras of railroad innovations and industrial espionage and sabotage as ways to keep your empire ahead of the pack.

3. Indonesian Train Simulator

This is an amazing train simulation game that mimics the exact real world environment.

All trains in the AI ​​network are intelligently controlled by sophisticated path selection and dynamic track-changing systems. Signaling systems and custom-made tracks have now replaced the old one.

Switch, the path they follow, will be one of an exponential set of possibilities. So they have to stop their trains at any platform of every station.


Like the similarly named Train Simulator 2021, Train Sim World 2 is developed by Dovetail Games.

Regardless of name resemblance or developer, TSW2 is its own game and is geared more towards the general gamer whereas TS2021 is more for the hardcore train engineer.

There are still a lot of sims to deal with in Train Sim World 2, but it does give you a little more time to enjoy the scene. Speaking of, TSW2 has just one better tick than Visual TS2021.

5. Train Conductor 2

Last on the list but definitely not worth mentioning, Train Conductor 2 is a mind-blowing real train game packed with lots of action and puzzles.

If you think you have strong reflexes and great abilities to manage a fast speed train, then this game is for you.

This train driving game is all about physical dexterity, subtle strategies and logical puzzle solving skills. Just stay focused, manage the flow of trains and try to be on top.

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1 AltLife.
2 Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.
3 The Escapists 2.
4 Fallout Shelter.
5 FPV Freerider.
6 Game Dev Tycoon.
7 Kairosoft games.
8 Mini Metro.

1 Download the update 1.4 by clicking on this link.
2 Run the zipped installer and switch the default path with the path that leads to Train Simulator installation folder (e.g. D:MSTS).
3 Click Unzip.

1 Sand Patch Grade.
2 Bakerloo Line.
3 Köln-Aachen.
4 Isle of Wight.
5 LGV.
6 Southeastern High Speed.