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How do I get new Minecraft mods?

Modding (adding modifications to the game) is a great way to customize your experience in the game, and mods allow players to inject their creativity into their open Minecraft world.

One of the great things about Minecraft modding is that anyone and everyone can add their own spin on things. You have the ability to gain notoriety for creating your own mods, sharing them with the community, and creating some cool in-game ideas!

You can also download, install, and remix other player-created mods, leading to a continual evolution of game play modes.

Best Minecraft mods for 2022

The Java version can greatly expand the possibilities of play. You can even make your own mods for Minecraft: Java Edition if you’re so inclined. Before you can start installing and playing with the mod, however, there are a few things you’ll need to prepare for.

Roguelike Dungeons And Adventure

The vanilla version of Minecraft has some cool structures, but nothing quite as intense and crazy as Roguelike. This mod adds a bunch of new structures to the world for players to find, and these structures are big and very difficult to conquer.

In addition, it adds in several new dimensions with boss enemies, which will require players to grind and level up first before attempting to fight them. This is the perfect mod for those who love old school RPGs and a real challenge.

Applied Energistics 2

For players who appreciate futuristic content and want to try playing Minecraft using sci-fi inspired technology developed by talented modders, Applied Energistics 2 is one of the most interesting options out there. Energy is a concept that doesn’t really exist in vanilla Minecraft, which is why this mod is revolutionary.

The mod brings a ton of new blocks and items, from new tools to new decorative blocks and ores. With the Power of Energy, players can build structures they could only dream of before. To get this mod, visit its official page.


If you’re running Minecraft on weak hardware that even Optifine can’t help you with, Fastcraft can come in handy. This is primarily intended to eliminate lag spikes and sporadic framerate drops, so if you’re playing Minecraft on a machine that stutters every time a new chunk is loaded it can be of great help.

Fast Leaf Decay

Cutting down trees in Minecraft can be a particularly difficult process, especially when you can’t find the last piece of wood that holds all the leaves. What’s worse is waiting for the leaves to drop when you’ve cut all the wood, which is where this mod comes into play.

Fast Leaf Decay Mod increases the speed at which leaves break after a tree has lost all its wood, and is a mod that you will no longer be able to play after using it.


If you’re looking for a Minecraft mod that combines tons of small gameplay enhancements together, you should download Quark (opens in new tab) by Vazkii. You’ll find many things that Minecraft normally lacks; Such as auto-sorting, a search bar for items, a bait trough for your animals, and an auto-walk option.

Quark also adds lots of fun new biomes, items, and mobs. You can pick and choose which of these quark features you want; Simply click ‘Q’ in the main menu to turn them on or off.


The makers of the mod, and many of those who run it, call RLcraft (opens in new tab) the toughest mod pack you’ll ever try. This is a mod pack that emphasizes realism, otherwise called anything that will make your in-game life more difficult.

It has dragons, enemies that can easily kill you in one shot, and random spawns of all kinds. It’s a lot of fun if you enjoy high difficulty in your Minecraft experience.

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