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Garena Free Fire :Top 5 tips and tricks for surviving longer in Garena Free Fire

It is very difficult to survive for a long time in Garena Free Fire, but today we have brought some such tips and tricks for you, through which you will be able to survive in free fire much more easily.

In free fire, you have to play very carefully from the beginning, it is very important for you to be aware of many things. Let’s start without any delay

5 tips and tricks for surviving Garena Free Fire

Bro you can’t get room cards for free better you join guild and with your gulidmates complete missions and for completing daily guild mission for a week you can get 1 room card in a week if you do this for 2,3 months you can get weekly2,3 room cards.And not only guild you Can claim other rewards like gold,gun skin crate and much other you go on the claim section and tap on draw after this 1 week process(for other prices)for room card it will get you in your mail box.

1). Find the best place to land

You can choose the best place for landing in garena free fire by looking at the direction of the plane, which place in the line where the plane is going, you feel safe, you should land at that place.

You should never land in a place where most players land, your chances of survival can be greatly reduced by landing in such a place, if you are new, then ignore such a place

2). Which is the most powerful weapon in Free Fire?

You should always try to find the best weapons in free fire, you should not rush unless you have a good weapon, this can cause you a lot of problem. It is very important for you to have the best weapons

Top 6 powerful guns in Free Fire

  • M1887 Shotgun
  • AWM Sniper Rifle
  • M79 Grenade Launcher
  • M60 Light Machine Gun
  • Groza
  • MP40
  • UMP

3). Best places to loot in garena Free Fire

You can get the best loot in free fire only by AirDrop or by killing the enemy, you have to do a great planning to get good loot, if you are playing by making a group, then your group will have to trend very well.

Top 5 loot places in garena free fire

  1. Stone Ridge
  2. Mars Electric
  3. Brasilia
  4. Peak
  5. Factory

4). Avoiding early fights and playing safe

Always avoid sudden attacks in the game, keep all the information in the place where you are, see where the zone is going and try to stay in the center of the zone.

Last but not least, playing safe is one of the most important facts that can help a player to win a BR match in Free Fire. Players should always avoid falling on opening battles and popular battle areas (Pochinok, Mil).

This will increase their chances of survival in the game, putting them in the final zone fights.

5). How do I get better at garena free fire?

free fire You will be able to play better only when you have all the information about this game as if you have understood all the above information well, then no one will be able to lose you in the game

A lot of characters have been given in the game, you should always choose a good character, the more you play the free fire game, the more you will understand this game and know about this game.