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5 mistakes Free Fire players make in end zones | free fire tips and tricks headshot

Today we are going to talk about the biggest mistakes that happen in the end zone of free fire. It is very important for you to survive in the starting and last zone of free fire.

Free Fire is a popular battle royale game available on the mobile platform. The game has a huge player base and with its increasing popularity, more and more gamers including newbies are trying the game.

To master any game, players must form the right habits from the very beginning and avoid making accidental mistakes. Here are the mistakes players should not make while playing Free Fire.

In free fire, you should always be close to the zone, as the zone gets smaller, in the same way all the players start coming to one place. As long as you do not tend to lap your tim, it will be very difficult for you to play the game.

1). How to increase your speed in Free Fire end zones

To increase your speed in free fire, you should have good gaming layout of free fire, you should improve its control panel, after that you have to play the game every day, by doing this you will be much easier in the game to control.

The more you play the game, the better your gaming skills will be and you will be able to control your game in the same way, if you are new to free fire game, then you may have a lot of problems in the game completely, that is why you have to survive in the end zone. can be too difficult

If you want to understand free fire then you will have to play a lot of free fire game, you should know about all the things of free fire, you should have a lot of information about the map you are playing

2). How to improve gameplay in free fire and free fire pro tips and tricks 2020

fighting without cover – The biggest mistake made in free fire is always you should play with cover, without it you will lose very easily glue wall, tree, wall, window more. In this you can take the help of any thing, you will not face any kind of problem.

not being prepaid for quick fight – After seeing the enemy, you do not have to suddenly fite, first of all you have to do a proper planning, only then you have to attack the enemy. With this technique you will be able to defeat your enemy very easily.

over exposing your body – Always keep the body under cover, you never have to come in front of the enemy, always attack in secret, until the enemy does not show you the whole body, you have to be patient

Not changing position when spotted – After seeing the enemy, you have to keep changing your position, due to which your enemy will not be able to know your position, because of this you can attack him easily, as soon as you change your position, then you get a lot of information about the surroundings.

bad habits of looting – You should never rob the enemy after killing him, because when you are fighting, you are very much injured and the enemy can kill you easily. You have to rob AirDrop in the same way, you should have an eye everywhere, you should have an idea of ​​where the enemy can attack.

no use of rotation strategy – The enemy is waiting for you in life and you are outside the zone, then you must try the rotation strategy, if the enemy is attacking you, then you must definitely apply this strategy

3). Incorrect Items, Weapons and Equipment more

early fight after using medicated – In free fire when you get medkit as soon as you are injured then you should wait for a while it increases your health to 1HP and you don’t expect to lose soon. You should not fight until all your HP has increased. Always need to be in cover while fighting

gun reload timing – This is one of the most common mistakes in the match, when you attack the enemy, your gun goes on reload once and this makes it easier for the enemy to attack you. That’s why you should be able to change guns very fast

wrong calls – When you play in free fire by making a group, then your partner gives you wrong information, then there can be a big danger on you, this can defeat you enemy very easily, that is why avoid wrong call and take right decision

NO gun switching – The players who do not do gun switching cannot play the game well, doing gun switching is very important in the game, so that you can attack your enemy very fast.

undermine the enemy – In free fire game, you should always keep an eye on the player in front, you should have an idea of ​​what the player in front is doing, never think of the enemy as weak, you can lose very easily due to one mistake.

4). Ignoring Medic Kits and Mushrooms.

Most new players would prefer to have these weapons and items until the inventory conditions are met. This would be quite dangerous especially in the situation you don’t have a medic kit on your list.

This would be a big problem, because when your HP drops significantly from enemy attacks, you don’t have items that can replenish that cellphone.

Similarly with Mushrooms, although Mushrooms cannot be taken and enlisted, many new players ignore this Mushroom, while Mushrooms can fill EP which serves to restore lost HP Is.

5). Top tips Beginners do in Garena Game Free Fire and how to be pro in free fire in 2 days

Free Fire is Garena’s Battle Royale available for free download for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. The goal in the game is to be the last survivor among 50 other random players on the islands of Bermuda or Purgatory.

However, to obtain Booyah, the player must have some basics of gameplay. In the absence of this strategic knowledge, the beginner can be killed quickly and easily. To avoid these problems, Technology has collected five common teething errors in Free Fire.

Take Command

When you join a clash squad match alone you will be paired with random strangers. Chances are you have already experienced what happens when there is chaos and lack of coordination. In these situations, someone has to take charge and bring some level of coordination to the team. You need to make sure that your team and especially you win the first round out of seven.

Two by Two

In Free Fire Clash Squad you have two teams and eight players. That get’s divided into each team getting four players each. I recommend that you divide it a bit more. Break your team into a partnership of two players and then use that to your advantage.

Change your Pet

Ever guide that talks about clash squad will inevitably say that you should focus on character combinations. That is true but something else that is also true is using the right pet. Free Fire might be the only game that has a pet system in the battle royale genre but it does and these little creatures matter a lot.

Maintain Cover

If there is one mistake that players make in clash squads and sometimes even in battle royale matches, it leaves their cover position. When you’re playing Clash Squad, you might have noticed how players run towards the enemy after he has done damage or knocks. This is fine in a battle royale match but when it comes to clash squads it can be a mistake that knocks you out of the round. Never leave your cover.

Create a Squad

This is one of the harshest tips you will ever get in a game guide but you need a squad of players. Playing Free Fire with people who understand your game style and your weaknesses will give you a huge amount of breathing space in the middle of a match

Dragon AK Gun Skin (Assault Rifles): As far as the assault rifle skins in Free Fire is concerned, the legendary Dragon AK is the best and toughest skin in the game. In most AR-based fights, it’s only one or half that decides the outcome, and if your AR has a dragon skin, which doubles the rate of fire while increasing damage on each hit, you’ll get an almost unfair There is benefit! Most Free Fire gamers love Dragon Skin because of its nearly unstoppable rate of fire, and the fact that it doesn’t interfere with the weapon’s range.

This is in contrast to other skins like the Evil Pumkin AK skin, which doubles the accuracy and increases damage but reduces range. The Dragon AK skin can be acquired at Free Fire during New Year’s events, and has not made a market appearance since the last such event.