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5 best castle ideas for Minecraft survival

Starting a new Minecraft world comes with many opportunities and challenges. Should you start working your way to the end as soon as possible? Or do you just want to focus on building a lovely little village and a comfortable home to live and live a peaceful life? There is no wrong answer here.

Many players dedicate hours to their survival or hardcore worlds building complex structures and always discovering new, fun projects to build. We think this is why there are so many video tutorials for minecraft castle ideas- the opportunities are endless!

Since building a castle from scratch is a fundamental milestone for any player, we would love to show you 40 ideas for building castles in Minecraft. These range from simple, straightforward blueprints that won’t require a lot of resources, to downright monumental structures that would put the premise of any other existence to shame. let’s get started!

1. Floating Castle

Thanks to Minecraft’s iconic game mechanics, building floating structures is just a matter of will and patience. The following video tutorial by Twin Saw is the first of four volumes showcasing a breathtaking floating castle in the middle of a lake.

When you complete each exterior structure you can find Part B, Part C and D. That way, you can break down the giant castle into smaller constructions, making it a more manageable project if you want to recreate it in your Minecraft world. As always – we hope you take care when making it into Survival by equipping the Elytra and putting up tons of scaffolding!

2. Lake Castle

daxar123_builds has come up with a castle built with symmetrical defense walls, which will greatly simplify the construction process. Many Minecraft castle ideas include multiple blocks with similar color palettes to add more texture to the building, and this one is no exception. Its dimensions and complexity make it an attractive challenge for an average player.

We can all agree that a stone palace will always be a good choice when it comes to cool looking destinations. Of course, you don’t have to put your castle inside the lake. Whether you decide to place it over another body of water or keep it on land, you cannot deny that the castle looks utterly amazing.

3. Pink Castle

Moving away from traditional themes, our next castle idea promotes a beautiful theme. Its design takes inspiration from cherry blossoms and has the beauty of pink and white.

Apart from the colour, the design of the palace also has a lake around it with a bridge connecting the palace to the mainland. Thanks to block options and detailed tutorials by Youtuber MMH, the end result is as gorgeous as the whole concept.

4. Castle with Traps

Building a Minecraft castle isn’t just about its looks, and the tutorial by RyanNotBrian proves it well. The design of his castle is purely focused on trapping enemies and protecting your resources.

There are many clever traps in this castle that can kill any robber and even hostile mobs instantly. So, even if you don’t build a single castle, you can use many of these ideas to protect your castle.

5. Elsa’s Frozen Ice Palace

One of the most iconic castles in pop culture is Elsa’s castle in the movie Frozen. Taking inspiration from the same, we have our next castle idea by Youtuber Sjin.

The palace is made mostly of blocks of ice and snow with a serious attention to detail. Similar to the movie, it is best built on the snowy mountains of Minecraft. Not to forget, it’s the only specific structure we can find in that biome at the moment, and we’re not including igloos.

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