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20 Best Cyberpunk Anime Of All Time, Ranked

Cyberpunk is a sub-genre of science fiction. The themes of cyberpunk often include futuristic elements such as artificial intelligence, futuristic cities, and technological advancement. While it’s not the most popular genre, this list looks at 10 of the best cyberpunk anime.

Cyberpunk can be considered a lost art in anime because not many good cyberpunk anime are from the modern era. In fact, not much cyberpunk anime is being released. Alternatively, cyberpunk is very popular in the comic book world. If you’re looking for more cyberpunk, be sure to check out the best cyberpunk comics available out there.

1. Midnight Eye: Gokuu

Here we have a classic from the 80s that is one of the pioneers of the cyberpunk genre in anime.

Not to be confused with the particularly adored Musclehead main character of the Dragonball series, this anime’s protagonist is a former detective who went too deep in his investigation into the murder of his colleague.

On the verge of death, he received a cyborg-esque prosthetic eye that allowed him to connect to any computer network in the world – essentially giving him the “eye of God.”

Ripped with a futuristic crime-fighting theme that’s reminiscent of another timeless classic of a movie – Robocop, Midnight Eye: Goku may be a smaller watch than most of the titles on this list.

2. Ultraviolet: Code 044

Although set in a highly intriguing futuristic society where scientific development is at its peak, the story primarily focuses on 044’s development as a character.

Naturally, this also includes her journey to discover her more ‘humane’ side – and how she interacts with the world given her former status as an advanced soldier.

The series leaves a lot to be desired in terms of action sequences and fight choreography, just like many sci-fi titles that came out in the anime’s first years.

On the flip side though, the main character’s design and character development more than make up for its otherwise glaring flaws – which is positively what makes this anime worthy of a peek.

3. Bubblegum Crisis

Bubblegum Crisis is one of the more famous girls-with-gun-themed cyberpunks that first came out before the ’90s.

It has a story that revolves around an increase in the number of boomers – which are essentially mechanical constructions that were created with the intention of helping mankind.

But surprisingly, these boomers were eventually turned into weapons by a rogue corporation called Gnome – the main opposing force in the series.

With the whole world facing a crisis, the stakes are set perfectly for the main characters of a vigilante group called the Night Sabers to defeat the evil Boomers where the sun doesn’t shine.

4. Angel Cop (1989)

This six-episode ultra-violent cyberpunk anime is set in a futuristic Japan that has become the most financially powerful country in the world. However, the Red May, an ultra-left terrorist group, organizes various attacks to herald the economic collapse of Japan. A special security force is created to fight the Red May. Donating to armored organizations and possessing special weapons, the law enforcement agency takes extreme measures to prevent terrorist activities. One of the new recruiting agents and a very skilled member of the force is Angel. He is a brutal, trigger-happy cop.

Soon, she has to face an enemy she cannot easily overcome by using only her combat abilities. Angel Cop is a grueling, action-packed anime, although some of its plot development is predictable and cliche. The quality of the animation and its style may seem dated. Still it’s good enough to include us. Angel Cop Show was written by Aikawa, who was involved in the making of several classic anime, including Fullmetal Alchemist.

5. Texhnolyze

Texhnolyze is a psychological original anime developed by the studio Madhouse. The anime was released during the spring season of 2003 and takes place in a fictional town called Lux. The city is completely underground and is run by three factions. Organo is an organization that controls Texhnolyze together with criminals. Texanolise is the name given to prosthetics in anime.

The other faction is the Salvation Union which has always been in conflict with Organo. The third faction is the Raccoons, a small group of people who use their Texanolise for personal gain. The story follows Ichis, a Texanolise fighter with arms and legs. Ichis works at Organo where he meets Ran, a clairvoyant girl. Together they work to save Lux from civil war. Texhnolyze is of 22 episodes and is broadcast for one season.

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