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top 5 best Pokémon regions of all time ranked

There are about 900 different Pokémon spread across different regions and eight generations. A long debated question is which region has the strongest Pokémon.

Some creatures lend their talents to being found in more than one area and in multiple Pokédex. Everyone has their own opinion, often based on which area is their favorite. More regions and more Pokemon will be introduced for sure, which could turn this whole topic on its head.


1. Hoenn

Hoen is certainly one of the more interesting regions featured in mainline Pokémon games, mainly due to some of its outlandish considerations when it comes to the design of the area’s cities.

Sootopolis and Pacifidlog are unlike anything players had ever seen in the series up until that point.

Hoen’s great city design and various landmarks showed that Game Freak was not afraid to take risks when designing new areas, leading to innovation after innovation. It was actually even better in the anime, although many of the locations featured in the show never actually made it into the game.

2. Sinnoh

The history and myths of the Sinnoh region are all centered around the creation of the Pokémon world, beginning with the god-like Pokémon, Arceus. Arceus is said to have created not only the legendary Lake Guardian and the legendary Pokemon of Sinnoh, but the entire world.

After creating Dialga and Palkia to control and form the foundations of time and space, Arsius created the guardians of the lake, Mesprit, Uxi and Ezel. In addition to forming aspects of living organisms, these lake guardians have seen three important lakes of Sinnoh: Lake Verity, Lake Aquieti and Lake Valor.

A secret lesser-known fourth lake, Sendoff Spring, portals itself to another dimension known as the Distortion World where the legendary Giratina can be found.

3. Galar

The galore is one of the hardest areas in the Pokémon canon. It’s understandable that its inspiration is the United Kingdom.

It has the trappings of many areas of the UK, and coal mines, the Druids of the West and cold temperatures play a large role. But there are also some quality-of-life functions that resulted from the UK setting, such as the cab system, which made fast travel easier.

There’s also Rogue Team, which is based on the famous football fandom of England. These elements may seem appealing to some, but they are part of the allure of the Geller.

4. Johto

Located just west of Kanto, Johto is a great companion area that was first introduced in Pokémon Gold and Silver, later featured in Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver.

Here are some surprising places to take in, along with some of the best Pokémon that Professor Elm has to offer. And there are also new areas that are opening up, such as the Safari Zone. It’s awesome – not to mention the home of Zoho League.

5. Alola

The Alola area is a lovely resort-type area with a ton of rich lore and interesting residents to keep you occupied. It is made up of four separate islands that are adjacent to each other; Melemele Island, Akala Island, Ulaula Island, Pony Island.

Apart from them, there is also the artificial Ather Paradise. Each island adds something new to the area. Knowing and knowing more about them really helps the player to feel immersed within the field.

The Alola Pokémon is a nice touch too, as it really sells the fact that Alola is a unique area within the Pokémon universe as well.

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