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What cool things can you do on Minecraft?

Stop scrolling and start creating something cool! Minecraft earns its reputation as the ultimate sandbox game to date. So if your kids find themselves bored on a rainy afternoon, a world of possibilities awaits them.

In that world of possibilities, we’ve selected 9 great, fun things to try in Minecraft. (Dealing with the entire universe of the game would be a really long blog post).

Who knows! Maybe your child stumbles upon something awesome that can lead to a new hobby or even some new coding skills.

1. Hunt For Rare Items

Powerful and rare items in Minecraft make the game more fun and easy to play. That said, getting these items off one’s hands isn’t easy. Elytra is one of them and requires the player to defeat the Ender Dragon and search the End Islands for the End City with a ship. Elytras let players fly with the help of fireworks.

Another rarity is the Totem of Undying, which can be looted from Evokers. They can be defeated by raiding a village or entering a woodland mansion, the latter being harder to find, but making for a greater challenge and adventure. The totem, when held by the player, will protect them from certain death and will be consumed at each possible death.

2. Try New Features

The new 1.18 update brings several new generation of world changes that can make the game feel completely different. Plus, players who haven’t enjoyed the new additions coming with the summer 2021 1.17 update should try building a spyglass and finding the amethyst geode.

There are also candles that players can make that can be used to decorate the house and light up caves. Those who don’t mind a few bugs can always play on the latest snapshots to get the latest features right away.

3. Town Build

Build a collection of buildings in a similar style and connect them to streets to create a Minecraft city. For added protection, consider building walls to protect against creepers and other crowds.

Some building styles to consider might include: medieval stone and wood, Asian pagodas, or desert-themed with sandstone. If you are looking for cool things to build in Minecraft, a city can definitely keep you busy as there are so many buildings that you can add.

Some ideas for city buildings: banks, hospitals or medical clinics, storage rooms, hotels and town halls (with court rooms and prisons).

4. Underwater Base

Almost every single Minecraft player usually builds their base on the ground. But, if you feel adventurous, you can get the job done underwater as well. Fish in the sea can bring life to your base and the water can provide additional protection from most hostile mobs. You must first spend a lot of time on the ground to collect the proper resources.

Plus, if you know how to make a gutter in Minecraft, you can breathe underwater as well. This way, you can stay within the underwater base, without creating areas that are free of water. As for the blueprints, IrieGenie’s Youtube tutorial is enough to help you get started on building this cool thing in Minecraft.

5. Summon And Kill the Wither

The Ender Dragon isn’t the only boss in Minecraft. You can also summon the wither and kill him. Killing this boss will earn you a Nether Star, which, in turn, helps you build a beacon, which is another useful item in the game.

Of course, summoning the withers is no easy task. You have to travel to the Nether and grind until you collect three withered skulls from the withered skeletons. With some Soul Sands, you can summon and kill the boss wherever you want.

Plus, you can spawn Withers as many times as you want. If you want to present a challenge, why not try summoning two of them at the same time?

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