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BGMI (PUBG mobile) pro tips and tricks for beginners 2022

PUBG mobile (BGMI) can be intimidating, especially for newcomers, so here’s a rundown of the fundamentals you’ll need to know – as well as some useful information that’s important to understand early on – before we dive into the more advanced strategies.

In this post, I will show some essential pubg tips and tricks for close-range these will make you better, firstly with a basic one try to take advantage of Ridge cover.

close range fight BGMI (pubg mobile) tips and How do you increase skills in Bgmi?

You can practice this exercise in the training ground. Make sure you have the right ridge support where the enemy may not be able to shoot you. Once you have your ridge support make sure your team is ready to do anything wrong. your team may always be able to help you.

Lean into the ridge so that it is difficult for your enemies to find you, first you need to move forward and drop crouch and then start shooting at your target for 2 to 3 seconds and then fall back and lean back to your position this daily practice To get better you can use any ridge that gives you an excellent place to hide from enemy shoots for only 2 to 3 seconds, about ten bullets drop quickly after shooting ten shots Doing so will make your enemies less likely to shoot at you.

If you shoot for longer than 2 to 3 seconds, you’ll have a higher chance of getting knocked down; you can use this method on long-range or mid-range targets. Can also shoot.

How to increase KD in bgmi and Pubg mobile

This is a topic that interests almost everyone. Everyone wants to increase their KD. But increasing your KD is not easy you have to follow some tips and tricks which are mentioned below. But I have good news that it’s easier to maintain than to push ranks.

So I would advise all of you to please increase your KD instead of rank push and focus on your KD and focus more on improving your game if you are already a good player and know some skills then My friend it is easy to increase your kd.

The land where more people come

I think the most important thing to increase your KD fast is to land where more people land. But many times keep one thing in mind that when you land on a hot-drop, you will also have many enemies with you.

So, always remember to have a good team and have good teammates who stick together and always cover your back so that you don’t have to worry about cover.

To increase your KD. And always be sure to coordinate with your team. The reason you don’t need to play in A is because all the bot kills in the squad will most likely be taken by your teammates, so playing with fewer team members can help you take more kills as well.

Don’t camp

If you are serious about increasing your KD. Then you have to move up your rank and focus on your KD ratio. Because you cannot do these two things at the same time. If you focus on one thing at a time then you will be able to achieve that one thing but if you go for two things at a time then you will not be able to do a single thing.

So focus on your KD more than your league. And run as many times as you can. Just go for Kiel and there is another way too sometimes when you land at these places viz. In novorepnoye or in military base you also find many bots so try to kill these bots as they also help to increase your KD. I myself found 5 bots in novorepnoye. So in this way also it is easy to increase your KD.

Play in livik match

Out of all the maps in pubg or bgmi, the best map to increase kd is livik map. Make sure you play Duo vs Squad in Livik. Why it is best because so many bots appear on this map. And if you land on the famous place in this map which is midsteen if you survive then you have about 4-5 easily killed because this place is visited by so many people. I myself did 8 kills.

That too in the first 5 minutes of the match. So you should really consider playing in this map and the total kills at the end of the match will easily be around 10 so it will be very helpful.

Always play with a low tier teammates

Whenever you start matchmaking your lobby is always tied with individuals according to your league, which means if your current league is Crown 3 then your lobby will be matched with people who have Crown 3 or Crown There is a league closer to 3.

So if you play with a low level person, you will be on par with low level enemies. But make sure the person you are playing with knows how to play and is a good person to play the game.

Always go for the kills

Your KD will only increase if you kill more people per match. So you always have to go for the kills. That’s when you land on a hot drop and your next step will be to find a good gun that can win a 1v1 fight.

I would prefer any AR gun or SMG gun. Make sure your entire squad has a good amount of loot and then you can go for kills and make sure to run as fast as you can so you can get more kills. And don’t land at the specific spot where the second squad landed.

This means, for example, you are landing at Georgopol and you saw a squad that is approaching the container you were going into, you can change your landing place and land on the container next to it. If you’re lucky, doing this won’t kill you immediately and will give you a fighting chance if you have guns.

Start increasing your KD at the starting of the season

Simply start increasing your KD early in the season. Just like every player who wants to move up his rank, starts at the beginning of the season and then it makes it a little easier but harder to reach the winner. So as you move up your ranks just start when the season starts. Because when you start at that time your KD ratio is kind of reset.

Then your first 10 to 20 matches if you have maintained your KD ratio well then in your future matches also your KD will be maintained. But if you started in the middle or when the season is most likely to end. Then it will be difficult for you to increase your KD so if you want to increase your KD then start when new season starts.

Cover fire drill tips and tricks BGMI (Pubg mobile)

Guess if the tree is the target, for now, I’ll use the house as my cover, you can use the hip-fire to shoot, we’ll talk about that later in this post, or you The scope can also shoot in and out and thus you can take down multiple enemies to do this drill, you need to get out of your cover and then reach your target keeping your feet alternate and then After 2 to 3 seconds of shooting, quickly return to your cover position.

Alternate peek with left to right plus scope and move your joystick left and right then just shoot for 2 to 3 seconds and then fall back if you keep hunting for more than 3 seconds you have chances to get knocked If you don’t have a cover, still you can use prone it will help sometimes.

Train in the training room

Some time in training or on the TDM map. By doing this you will kind of warm up for your matches. Just give 20-30 minutes in tdm or in training. You will be ready for battle in Erangel map or any other.

It also improves your skills You can challenge anyone else in Cheer Park You will also learn their skills. When you are training in the training room you are improving not only your retreat control, your aim and headshot percentage but many other things as well.

Improve your skills

Whenever you die in the game. Why, because somewhere the other person had more skill than you and so he won that fight and you didn’t. And what if you too could win almost every battle. That’s what this tip says. You’ll have to improve your skills in the game if you want to get more kills and increase your KD or perform a clutch against a full squad.

For example you can learn different skills. Lean and shoot, jump and shoot or prone and shoot. And one of the famous skills is the jiggle and you can also learn to jiggle and shoot.

So, these are the different skills that you can learn and improve your fights and kill more people in the game. As I said earlier, you can practice these skills in the cheer park as well.

Hip-fire in close-range (Pubg mobile)

Hip-fire is reinforced at close range in the 50 to 69 meter range. Hip-fire is when you shoot without opening the scope to learn more about hip-fire; Whenever you’re trying to hip-fire, jump at the start, and prone if needed. I am going to do a post on this soon too.

Flashgun drill– Your head can sometimes be visible when you’re hiding behind walls or boxes, in which case, the peek will help you lean down even more, so use peek. You can shoot with this drill too. This is a Chinese drill, or you can shoot normally. To do this drill, you have to release your crouch and shoot.

Bonus: Always use smokes while reviving your teammates anyone who spots you while reviving your teammates, single sniping the shot can kill you so use fumes/smoke.

How to aim better in BGMI (PUBG Mobile)

First of all you should have a clear idea of ​​the retreat of different guns and respective bullet drop. As it is unlikely to find your favorite gun in the beginning, you should be able to work with any gun, be it a pistol or shotgun (very effective indeed if you hit the head close enough). Then come some tricks:

It’s known to almost everyone that the recoil is almost over if you lean over and peep (except for the AKM, one really needs to practice controlling the AKM recoil)

To at least 4x the scope using the 6x scope on the M416 and the angled foregrip will give you a god spray, you can kill the whole squad in the vehicle alone with this setting. Especially great for bridge camping.

As much as the DP-28 is underpowered, it actually has almost the same damage as the GROZA, only a lower rate of fire. But the secret to a given stand in DP is great if you’re prone to even exceeding DP’s scoping ability up to 6x. Best suited if you are the only member of the squad alive in the last areas.

Finally proper use of attachments should be learned as it suits you. Vertical Foregrips, Angled, Cheekpad, HalfGrip, and Red Dot or Holo will surely take you to many chicken dinners.