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What is the 360° Gloo Wall trick and how to do it in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX provides a number of useful utilities as a range of grenades, all of which have a specific function. One of the many options available, Gloo Wall Grenades will undoubtedly become more important to users as they move up through the ranks.

These grenades automatically form a durable wall where placed, providing instant cover. Apart from being employed solely for defensive purposes, it can be easily used for offensive maneuvers and moving towards opponents through open areas.

In addition, players can perform 360° glue wall tricks as well as run backs and more, which have the potential to be extremely important in a match in Free Fire Max. As a result, it becomes even more important to get better with the use of this utility item.

1. Place a Gloo Wall near a hardcover

A gloo wall can block enemy bullets, but it will be pretty predictable for them to tell you where. By placing your glue wall next to the hardcover, you can have extra room to move around and take different angles.

It can also be used as a distraction like this because they will be centered on the gloo wall when you’re going the other way.

2. Place Gloo Walls far away from yourself when rushing

When you are defending you want to keep the glue wall as close as possible to cover more space. But when you’re on the run, you already know their position. Placing your glue wall too far away from you will block more of their vision and give you more room to move.

How to use 360 ° Gloo Wall

It is important to remember that players must ensure that their general comprehension is set to the highest possible position.

The druggers have to bow down first and also pick up the glue wall grenade. After that, they should place the crosshairs next to them and slide the fire button to apply the glue walls. Gamers must drag their joystick in one direction to cover themselves from all directions.

Gamers can also edit their custom HUD to bring the fire and crouch buttons closer together so that they can perform the trick more easily.

360 ° Gloo Wall Advantage

Cohair Wall is a useful skill for players to use in Free Fire, it’s not the same as using a cement wall to block shrapnel from one direction. A 360-degree cement wall allows the player to stand in the middle of the bullet without having to worry too much about the consequences.

However how to use 360 ​​cement wall is not easy and takes time to master. But you can perfect this skill to the fullest and enjoy the unknown safety in the game. Also, can handle all the dangerous situations fluently in the game. Then there are several tips for using Glue Wall Free Fire effectively.

Fake Gloo Walls

In the final rings, you can always use a glue wall to distract and confuse your opponents by placing them anywhere on the map. You will be able to go to the camp and lie down without any hesitation from now on. Using fake glue is one of the stylish tricks to use 360 ​​degree glue wall in Free Fire.

In the whole article, we have shared all the details about all the information related to 360 gluewall trick. If you have any query on this topic, you can comment below. Thank you!!!

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