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Free Fire OB34 direct download link for APK version revealed

The latest patch update for Free Fire, i.e. OB34 version, was launched by Garena on 25th May 2022. On the same day, the MAX version also received the latest update and welcomed several new features in terms of customization as well. Game mode, weapons, characters and file size.

After the OB34 update, Free Fire and its Max version have become smaller as developers have compensated for it with additional DLC and resource packages. Thus, the download size (variable for different) from Play Store is reduced to less than 500 MB, which has increased the efficiency of the game.

Free Fire OB34 Update

The Free Fire community places a significant amount of importance on upgrades because they introduce a diverse array of brand new features. The game has gone through a complete metamorphosis in its current iteration as a direct result of countless updates released by the creators since the game’s first release.

The next version of the game, called OB34 Edition, is expected to be available for purchase tomorrow, May 25. Users will be obliged to use the correct App Store according to the type of gadget they have.

In most cases, an update will be made available a few hours after maintenance begins, which is usually around 11:30 am IST (GMT +5:30). But even after the patch, users will not be able to enjoy Free Fire Max until the servers are back up. Same is the case even after patchup.

Free Fire Max OB34 download link

People have to type the URL of the official site in their web browser.

To go ahead, those players have to choose a login method from the given options. It is strongly suggested that people connect their Free Fire ID to a Facebook or Google account.

After that, gamers are obliged to fill the form with their details. There are special requirements that both their email address and phone number be current.

They can now complete the sign-up process, at which point they will wait for an official reply. However, if they do not have an activation code, which will only be given to a certain number of individuals, they will not be able to access the Advanced Server.

How to download and install Free Fire OB34 Advance Server using the APK

All Free Fire Advance servers are available on Android platform only. On its dedicated website, Garena provides the APK file for the latest version. Players can download and install the OB34 client by following the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Visit the official website by clicking here.

Step 2: After opening the website, gamers will have to sign in through Facebook or Google.

Step 3: They will be prompted to enter their name, email address and mobile phone number.

Step 4: Finally, players can complete their registration by clicking on the Join Now button.

Selected gamers will receive an activation code. After creating an account they will receive a link to download the APK. Users should proceed with the download only if they have received the code.

Step 1: After downloading the file, players can install it by selecting ‘Install from unknown source’ option.

Step 2: Launch the game and sign in as guest. They will be prompted to enter an activation code before being able to access the client.

Because the developers have made the APK available directly, gamers should not rely on other sources to download and install Advance Server. APK files obtained from unauthorized sources may contain a virus associated with the fake file.

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