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top 5 best GTA Online Fastest cars in 2022

GTA 5 is one of those Rockstar games that doesn’t die after eight years. Grand Theft Auto 5 has an amazing story mode. GTA Online is an online version of the game that keeps it alive. This article will be about the fastest cars in GTA 5 (and GTA Online).

Releasing Rockstar GTA 6 seems light years away, even though it seems. GTA Online has had a lot more content than usual lately. Check out what are the top 5 fastest cars in GTA Online 2022?

The brand new Contract DLC takes us six decades into the future as Franklin with some familiar faces. This DLC is one of the best yet. But, players who have played GTA Online for a while will want to be able to identify the fastest cars available in the game mode.

GTA Online has seen some amazingly fast cars since its launch several years ago. These cars can be great to have in your garage because you never know when they’ll be needed. We’re going to go over the fastest cars in GTA Online.

top 5 fastest cars in GTA Online

There’s no shortage of fast cars in GTA Online that players can buy and drive around the game’s maps, and lately, developers have been rolling out new updates to add new vehicles and improve on existing ones as well. . With all this, it’s safe to say that this is the best time to be a racer in GTA Online.

Unfortunately, all these options can confuse most players about which car they should buy in GTA Online. So, to help them make the right decision, this article will recommend the five fastest cars in GTA Online that players should get right now.

1. Progen Emerus

The Progen Emerus is one of the fastest cars in GTA 5 Online regarding lap times. If you are looking for an excellent balance between speed and handling, you can get this supercar from Legendary Motorsport.

However, it will cost you $2,750,000. Even if you have to pay a hefty sum, a supercar is quite a package. For starters, it has a top speed of 127mph, which is 204kmph. More importantly, the vehicle performs quite well in terms of acceleration, braking and handling.

Since its launch in August 2019, the vehicle has been a fan favorite for several reasons. Compared to some of the fastest vehicles we’ve listed, the Progen Amerus offers better protection as well as resistance.

For example, because the car doesn’t have rear windows, you can count on its bulletproof design. By the way, if you decide to sell the car after a race, you can retail 60% of the value, giving you up to $1,650,000.

2. Buffalo STX

The Buffalo STX is a cut above the typical muscle car because it has a variety of advanced modifications. This vehicle alone is a capable machine, though relatively simple by comparison.

For fans of muscle-class vehicles, the Buffalo GTX is perfect for cruising the streets of Los Santos or performing risky maneuvers during missions. However, with the Imani Tech upgrade, this vehicle becomes immensely more effective.

Imani Tech modifications increase the potential of the Buffalo STX, making it that much more formidable, elusive, or downright astonishing. These enhancements allow this vehicle to become extraordinarily more viable for missions.

When fully upgraded, the Buffalo STX beats other muscle cars in terms of speed, handling and capability. As such, it makes a worthy addition to any player’s collection of vehicles.

3. Pfister 811

Another fun fact for you: the Pfister 811, despite the low price, is still (as of February 2022) the fastest non-rocket-powered supercar in the game. And in fact, it’s just behind the Pariah and Itali RSX, the fastest cars in the game.

Of course, this is all based solely on top speed. But even around corners and in traffic, the Pfister 811 holds its own. This used to be my car of choice in 2016, and I still like to break it down and smoke dudes at drag races from time to time.

After I win, they often yell “How did that old thing beat me?” If you want something that can beat basically any other car in a straight shot, the 811 is still a solid choice that’s a lot cheaper than other, newer supercars.

4. Tezeract

The Tezeract is another car with a unique futuristic look. It has been released with the electric powerhouse SA Super Sport DLC and is sure to make heads turn in the race as you sail without sounding.

Electric performance – Tezeract has crazy acceleration thanks to the electric motor! Coming in at $2,825,000, it’s a bit more expensive than the X80, but you do get some extra features.

The customization is so thorough that you can make the entire windshield black, and replace almost every part of the car (except the side skirts). Because of its electric engine, the Tezeract is incredibly highacceleration and top speed. However, the handling can feel a bit like you are

on ice.