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pubg mobile Tips And Tricks To Win Chicken Dinner

Players Unknown Battlegrounds, better known as ‘PUBG’, has emerged as one of the most popular games around the world. Over the years, it has become a haven for fans of first-rate shooter games.

The application is mainly played online in a multiplayer mode which has given people the opportunity to compete against users from across continents. The competitive nature of the sport drives its popularity.

Players are always on the lookout for enemies with the aim of killing as many people as possible, saving their own lives, outwitting their opponents and eventually winning the coveted ‘Chicken Dinner’.

Despite it being a great source of entertainment for many, the game faces many challenges in its path. Here we look at 5 basic tips that must be kept in mind:-

PUBG Tips and Tricks

PUBG is not only a game but it is a fever for those players who keep looking for different tricks to win. In the gaming world over the years, this is the first time that a game has directly made it to the top of the players list.

The unique feature of playing it on a smartphone with the Live Interaction feature, keeping in touch with other players, classifies PUBG as a super interesting game. So, to make PUBG more adventurous, here we have the top tips and tricks to win the game.

1. The Last Duel

There’s only one man standing between you and your chicken dinner at the moment.

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In this final stage, skill and shooting strategy are not as important as knowing the location of enemies. More often than not, the player who finds the place second first wins the Chicken Dinner.

In such a situation, there are some tricks to drive out your enemy and achieve victory. For example, throwing a fragile grenade to your left and running to the right. This will confuse your opponent, and you can flank from the opposite side and take that kill.

2. Closing doors can help you gain advantage

I remember being scolded several times by my parents for closing the door when I left. I still sometimes fail to do this in real life. But I have got a lot of benefits by doing this in PUBG Mobile.

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After you’ve properly gathered all the supplies, guns, and ammunition you need, you can simply camp inside a building and sit quietly in it waiting for players to arrive and raid it.

After seeing that the door is closed, the other players will stir as if they are the masters of the place, only then can you surprise them and go in for the kill. Don’t stop at just one player, then close the door and repeat.

3. Kill to upgrade loot

By this stage, most of the popular locations have been looted, so you can’t upgrade by looting the same places again.

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Or worst, you’ll run into a camping enemy squad. Your only chance to upgrade is chasing down air drops or joining up with another squad. Squads that choose to survive mid-game by camping will end up with poor quality loot in the final game and no chance of winning Chicken Dinner.

Also as discussed earlier, at this stage the squad will be based on strategic compounds, so always scope out buildings for any signs of enemies before going inside.


Nobody likes to be shot, hopefully, by this point you’re well equipped to survive a shot or two more than usual, you’ll need this time to determine where you need to go when taking cover. being shot from. While shooting you will hear two sounds, gunshot and bullet crack.

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Cracks occur when a bullet passes within a few meters of you. This crack will be heard in either your left or right speaker channel and will not give you any indication of the direction in which you are being shot.

Pay attention to the sound of the gunshot, or where the bullet is impacted. If you can’t locate your shooter, don’t worry, look for an escape route and run.

It’s more than likely that someone else overheard the shots and the shooter will soon have more company. Wasting too much time locating this person will hurt you when it comes to circles. Remember to keep looking at that circle.


Initially, Airdrop will allow you to quickly gain the upper hand, so if you pay attention to the plane’s path as mentioned earlier you’ll know if you can get in and out first. As with loot drops, vehicles are key in the beginning.

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Airdrops can contain the best sniper rifles and even gilli suits. Get both and you could potentially win the match by hiding in a bush.

Try to avoid airdrops in small circles, they’ll be tracked down and if you’re not doing very well in the beginning, you’ll be killed trying to loot worth the risk. Also think about your position in relation to the box, the audience can see you, you may even see them before.

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1 Hacienda del Patron – This is most definitely the School of Miramar.
2 Complejo Penitenciario – Very similar to Erangel’s Prison, ensure you’re looting as quickly as possible and ready yourself for a slew of gunfights right away.

1 Stay away from hot zones. It is always a huge risk to drop into hot zones or areas where you have other squads.
2 Play with your regular squad.
3 Do not rush unnecessarily.